Hey took a year off of school just for this 5 week externships so I need a review!



I'm nervous, I've been out of school now for a whole year. I withdrew from the 5 week externship last November due to being behind in my skills and not keeping up with the pace in the unit I was on(it was the trauma unit so I was extra nervous and unprepared, plus I focused way too much on the book stuff*sigh*). So I decided to work in a hospital as a nurse extern over the spring summer and part of fall. As a result, I am more confident with assessments/charting/careplans and the whole nursing process except....i'm still a tad bit nervous cause I didn't pass meds for a whole year although I did hang a few IV's(like just normal saline). Sooooo, what I was confused about during the 5 week class last year(one of the things) is what needles do I use for what, and syringes, for drawing up medications. The book I have clearly tells you what the name of the needle is but not what medicines to use for that specific one. I know about the insulin and tuburculin though. I was in a different hospital with different protocols than the one I was used to...so they had a different way of doing things...but i never thought of reviewing needles/syringes at the time before the externship in school started because the needles were totally different at the hospital I completed all my clinicals at for a whole two years, so it was very difficult to get used to somewhere else, for me anyway. Is there any info on needles, preparing meds through the IV port(reconstitued)and liquid preparations, any tips?lol Another question, are any of you nurses that help us students on this site a preceptor or have ever been one? If so, could you give me some advice on what to exactly prepare for? I know mostly but I'd like to hear from you IF I can:)A problem I have is looking way too much into things;o...thanks, you guys are so helpful.:)

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