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congrats on passing the nclex.... What are your plans... where do you want to work...

I just wanted to say I was writting you at the same time you were writting me!!! Thank you so much for the advice. I will definately write down all the labs. I made sure I memorized them last week!!! Your words are the last I will hear before the test. I take it at 2pm... I will write you later and let you know how it went. Thank you again for taking the time to make me feel relaxed!!!!

Hey right back at you. I guess you are still awake :)

I am going to work 6 weeks of med/surg at a small 101 bed hospital in this rural area that I live in. Then, I'll transfer to their 20 bed co-ed psych unit and further train there.

I was hoping to start today but I have to take a computer class that the hospital gives in order to chart and the next class isn't until next Monday. So, I've been sitting home bored out of my skull until then.

And since I'm not doing anything spectacular during the day, I can't sleep at night. My mind just won't "shut up" if you know what I mean.

Good luck again to you.

Oh yea, I'm superstitious, too. I eat fish the night before a test because it is "brain food" and I drink Carnation Instant Breakfast the morning of an exam. I also wear my test-taking shirt, which I wore for every exam during school--it is a shirt that a teacher would wear with embroidered things on it, like an apple, pencils, and a big fat "A"--it helped. I never failed a single nursing test!

Try to get some rest. Good night. I'll be waiting to hear from you after the test. And one last thing--every single person I've ever known to take the darn thing has come out feeling like they've failed it, me included. It takes a while to get over that feeling. . .

I heard Med/Surg. is the Best place to start out.. you get all your skills down.. used to talking to many doc's and you learn all your med's. I wish you the best of luck .. I plan to work on med surg first and then off to the OR... I will talk to you tomorrow...nightnight

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Med/Surg is a good place to start out, especially if you want to stay in adult medicine, ICU, ER, OR, etc. I went straight to Peds and then NICU/ Step Down NICU. Now I do a Psuedo Med/Surg in the Air Force. Unfortuntly I still hate adult medicine as much as I did when I was in school. I love my kids. So if you want to do adult stuff do start in Med/Surg, if you want to do a specialty, Peds, women's health (L&D) I see no reason not to go straight there...

hey lyndalous, which nursing school did you go to? I'm from Jersey and went to Rutgers Newark


HI JennKatt

I went to West Virginia Wesleyan College. One day I am looking at doing my masters at Rutgers!!! That is neat. My sister went to college at Caldwell right by newark. I am applying at Moristown Medical, St. Barnabas, and Robert Wood Johnson..... Are you at any of these hospitals or know any special insight for me. Thanks for the advice I do want to stick with adult medicine and hopefully end up in an OR. My friends who love ped's are starting out in ped's to hopefully go to the NICU etc. I love L&D I think my problem is I love everything.

Write soon!!!!

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Alrighty, let me give you some insight in nursing in NJ. Robert Wood rocks. But you make crap for the 1st year, unless they changed you're ridiculous policy of only paying new grad $13 bucks an hour. Now I understand that $13 bucks is alot some places, but right outside NYC? I don't think so. But at RWJ you will work with new equiptment, the best nurses and a really good look at acuity.

I do not like Morristown. It's a personal thing. I've got transfer from there when I worked at another hospital, whose name I want post because the place just SUCKED! (You can email me to find out where that is.

St Barnabas is an ok hospital, but if you are looking in the area, you will get better experience at UMDNJ, BUT they are weary of hiring new grads that aren't there own.

Look into Overlook. Look into Hackensack, even tho I'm not a fan of the hospital, you do get paid very well.

Oh and as for Rutgers, it rocks. The instructors are top of the line. If I hadn't gottten stationed down here, I would have already started my Master's there...

good luck!

(Oh PS If you really want L&D , the state of the art, heheheheh, birthing center is at St. Peter's also in New Brunswick

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