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I had a quick question... when was rwjh paying 13 bucks an hour. I made more through college as a CNA. They can't be paying that now with the nursing shortage... I have friends with BSN's starting out with 30 and plus an hour up in north jersey.

But thank you for all the insight. I am leaning towards Moristown and RWJH... but I will name my price!!! heheehe

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Two years ago is when RWJ was offering 13 an hour.. it was legit, 2 of my friends sucked it up and took it... they were going to change it because they couldn't get nurses..

seriously consider rwj tho, they are excellent to new nurses

Thanks for the reply.... I am so surprised to hear that though... was this for LPN, RN, or BSN position? I am just surprised b/c all the GN's I know just starting out this month are making double that in the north jersey area... But RW I am excited about b/c it is a teaching hosp. but I have a brand new jetta, getting a nice appt. and etc. I won't work for that... I worked too hard with my five yrs of nsg school. But I will definately look into it!!! Thank you!

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It was for a BSN spot.. they were going to change it tho, so just ask when you got for your interview

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