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Hey Daytonite....

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You seem to be very knowledgable on a lot of topics. Another poster was looking for a website because she got a new computer and didn't save the web address and you found it for her. Well, there's one that I'm looking for that someone posted with a video of a head to toe physical assessment. I thought that I downloaded it before but I can't find it on my hard drive :sniff: . I thought that I found the site but it says you have to become a member and you have to get approval from your school or something. Do you think you can help me?:bow: I would be most grateful.



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Daytonite has 40 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in med/surg, telemetry, IV therapy, mgmt.

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a video of a head to toe assessment? you might be talking about taylor's video guide to clinical nursing skills. the only website i have for that is this website, but you need a pin number to access it:


here are some links i have to videos on physical patient assessments, many from medical schools. don't know if these will fit the bill for you.

http://omeweb2.ucdavis.edu/doctoring/doctoring/ - these are videos of physical examination procedures from ucla

http://medinfo.ufl.edu/other/opeta/ - videos of physical examination procedures from the university of florida

http://www.med-ed.virginia.edu/courses/pom1/videos/index.cfm - videos of physical examination procedures from the university of virginia

http://connection.lww.com/products/bickley/src.asp - this is the online student resource center for bates" guide to physical examination. if you click on the link "head-to-toe assessment (adult)" you will be taken to another group of links which will open up videos of the examination process of those areas of the body. you may also view streaming video of physical examination by clicking on "visit a visual guide to physical assessment".

http://library.med.utah.edu/neurologicexam/html/home_exam.html - awesome tutorial from the university of utah school of medicine on how to do a neurological examination. includes videos (need quicktime). mental status, cranial nerve, coordination, sensory, motor and gait exams. each section discusses the anatomy, the normal exam and includes abnormal examples with pictures.

http://medicine.osu.edu/exam/ - from ohio state university college of medicine, an interactive guide to physical examination for 8 body systems and includes sounds. uses a flash player. in this demonstration of the actual video that you can purchase you can see online for free the following: anatomy of the fundus of the eye and what you should see on examination with an ophthalmoscope; a review of cardiac physiology where you can hear examples of 3rd and 4th heart sounds; an interactive fundascopic exam of the eye that shows some pathology; listening to breath sounds where you can hear samples of crackles, wheezes, rhonchi and normal breath sounds; diaphragmatic excursion and what it sounds like as well as what percussion of the chest sounds like; and, an interactive blood pressure where you click on a blood pressure cuff and hear and watch the manometer and tell the program what the blood pressure is. it re-cycles to give you lots of practice!

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