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Hey there Colorado nurses- aussie nurse moving... hopefully!


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Hi all, I am an Australian ED nurse in the process of applying for US nursing registration (RN) and had plans to move to Colorado when immigration/license is all organised. My father is a US citizen so we are in the process of sorting out either citizenship/greencard but it's complicated (he lives in OZ, I graduated high school in CO but was only in the states for 7 months). It will just take some time. I wanted a little more local information about places to live, ski-resorts, any aussie nurses around who are already there.... I am moving over to spend some time with family and ultimately settle in the States. I also have experience as a snowboard instructor/ski patrol. One can scoure websites but I felt that the best advice would be from nurses already doing what I am aiming for.

I am trying to work out if the hospitals nearer the ski resorts have much in the way of nursing work, (it appears that Vail and Aspen have the largest facilities), how competitive the job environment is in CO etc. etc. I have 15 years nursing experience, 5 in emergency and am a certified emergency nurse in OZ. I lived in Parker many years ago and have family in Fort Collins although I am told Fort Collins is a fair way away from most resorts. I would work happily in Denver but was trying to avoid big cities (already live in one). I was looking at Boulder / Louisville- I felt that the health facilities near the ski resorts would prefer that I had some experience at a tertiary facility in the US? Am I likely to encounter animosity because I am australian, given the GFC / job market? Any words of wisdom from my fellow nurses would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!

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I think animosity would be unlikely. I think the biggest concern employers would have would be what do you do as a nurse in Australia and how well do you understand how the work flow here works? Your length of experience would be a huge asset. If you work in critical care you will need a number of certifications such as CPR, ACLS, PALS, and TNCC for ER. I have no idea if you utilize those certs where you live. I think that once you got your legal access in order there are many possibilities although the market is still pretty tight. Good luck.


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Thankyou for replying,

We do have equivalent certifications, just different names. I am expecting to do the US competencies when I get there. Thanks for taking the time to write- I just know what it's like working in a resource stretched economy and the job situation is tight- was reading all these horror stories of people simply not being able to find work and as much as we all hate to admit it, some people would frown upon recruitment of a "foreigner". I guess at the end of the day I will just have to come on over and find out!


Just my observation, people in the states don't immediately think not to hire a qualified person because an American is also looking for the job. Some might disagree, but in your case that's my hunch. And when you let out that Aussie accent in an interview, well... I think you'll win some hearts :lol2:


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Have you got all your license/immigration stuff sorted? I just got my license this year and would like to move to CO as well. I am currently here job hunting actually! Would love to hear about your experience!