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Hey there ACNPs ! (and anyone else with information!)

I am applying to graduate school for nurse practitioner. I am leaning towards the acute care nurse practitioner (ACNP) and clinical nurse specialist blended program. From what I've read on various threads, CNS is more geared towards nurses who want to serve as educational support in a hospital setting. Is this correct? I am wondering what kind of jobs are out there for ACNPs? I have read the other postings on here regarding ACNPs and most of the jobs people listed involve the hospital setting. I love the ICU and am excited to work there in a practitioner role however, I worry about burn-out. Also, if I have a family I might want a job that's not as high stress. Can ACNPs work in an internal medicine role or is that only for ANP and FNPs? For example, could I join a physician practice that treats only adults? What other settings could ACNP's work in outside the hospital? I have to declare a specialty on my application and I am so afraid of limiting my options. Do you think becoming an adult nurse practitioner (ANP) would give me more job options? Any information anyone could give me would be great. :nurse:

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The answer to this somewhat depends on the state you plan to practice in. For example, in TX you have to have AC certification to work in a hospital and primary care certification to work in a clinic. There is not a degree that allows you to do both. Other states aren't as rigid in their restrictions.

Also, I read recently that CNS positions are decreasing because of hospital budget cuts, since they are a salary the hospital can't bill separately for. Whereas, NPs are able to bill for their services, so their job opportunities are increasing. Something else to think about.

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I am an ACNP and have been for 3 years now. I work full time as a hospitalist NP (7 days on, 7 days off) and part time as an ICU NP as well. I also take on fiper-diem positions whenever I think I'd like to be earning something extra. I had been in endocrinology before, and have filled in at STD clinics, amongst other places, and am waiting to hear back from an ER to pick up a few shifts a month. The ACNP role is very versatile. Just make sure you follow closely what your state's scope of practice entails, and you won't go wrong.

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