HESI Vocab/Grammar


Hey Nurses! Im going to be (hopfully) registering up for an ADN next september. I need to study for the exam. Ive already passed the WONDERLIC and the math compentency from the school, and now they want me to pass the HESI (math, vocab, grammar, and critical thinking) with an 85% overall.

I am not worried about that Math or the Critical Thinking/Reading Comprehention. Im concerned about the grammar and vocabulary part of the test. I would like some indepth information regarding this section and would like to know if the "Elsevier Edition 4 HESI Admission Assessment" is all i need for this.

Any and all information will be helpful to me, and i would also like to know any suggestions or comments regarding the HESI that will help.

Thank you!

-a future trauma nurse


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Hello there!

The HESI A2 assessment book is great for studying. The questions from the book are very similar to whats on the test. If you find that you are just memorizing the questions there are several apps out there that you can have on your phone. I liked having the apps because it was good for when I ride the train in the morning and afternoon instead of pulling out the book. The ones I used were HESI A2 mastery and HESI A2 pocket prep. I think that I ended up paying to be a member to both so I could choose the subjects I wanted to focus on. It was cheap though. I made a 93% on the test overall. My weakest score was in grammar with a 90 and my highest was vocabulary with a 98. Also, I thought that there would be no calculator on the test so I learned the math writing out all the problems but there ended up being a calculator there. I hope this helps! :)