HESI Pharmacology and Fundamentals

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I am in my first Semester of Nursing School and currently taking Intro to Nursing, Fundamentals, Pharmacology and then the clinical portions of the program for this semester. In order to pass we have to not only obtain a 75 or higher in Pharmacology and Fundamentals but we also have to score well on the Hesi for each of these classes. Can anyone provide links or resources that can be studied to help me understand what exactly I will be tested on? I am familiar with the HESI entrance exam but didn't realize that each semester there are HESI's after each theory course that we would take specific to the area of study that would need to be passed as well. I think it's a good idea, as it prepares you for NCLEX but I just need to figure out where to find the content to prepare.


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Each HESI exam is going to be tailored for your program. They get a copy of the syllabus and will base the exam off of that. The exit HESI has multiple versions, but that doesn't change from program to program. There are study guides for the exit HESI, which could potentially be useful for each course's HESI. I studied for my final for each course and didn't really change anything with regards to the HESI (took both in the same day). I scored very well on pretty much all of my HESI exams, including a couple 99.99% scores. I used the questions on the Elsevier website and the Davis ______________ Success series (med surg, maternity, peds, pharm, etc). Good luck!

Pharmacology Success: A Q&A Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking ( Second Edition ) (Davis's Q&a Success): 978