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Hi my name is lety and I plan on taking the hesi exam in May. I attend Wcccd, I am taking my last pre-req Micro and retaking Anatomy 2 because I got a C in that, the rest of my pre-reqs I have A's. I am really nervous about the hesi exam. What exactly should I study for. Like for math I see mainly study fractions and decimals, I am really bad in math so I need to know for sure what to study for. And also for the A&P part. What exactly to study for. I feel like I'll study for whats not on there. Pleaseee helpppp


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I took the test a couple weeks ago and didn't do good on the reading because I didn not practice that part and it was tricky I got an 74 and needed 75. The a&p u need to know ur basic. If u look at my thread u will see some of the question that they ask. Math was basic study all the math in the book. if u can master all the problems in the book and practice problems like this 2/3*4/6*3/5 then u will be ok.


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Ok thanks, and whats basic for A&P lol i dont want to study what won't be on it. And in horrible in math im taking a class now just to help me for hesi and im the dumb one in class lol


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I just got done with Hesi. Really study AP. I had a lot of questions on the brain, unfortutely I disnt know a lot of them and got a 68 on the AP section. Thankfully I did well on the others and got a 86 final cumulative. Good luck and really study the parts of the brain. Maybe your test will be different but that's how my AP section was.