Hesi exam recommendations


Hi everyone

I will be taking my hesi exam mid august for Spring 2015. I bought administrative assessment exam 3rd and finished reviewing it. I will taking the math, biology, Vocab, grammar, reading and A&P. i have been reading around on the forum and wondering some questions.

A&P: I currently took A&P 1 up to nerves and the brain. I know that there will I'll some cardiovascular and reproductive questions on the exam. Is the book review good enough. I have Principles of Anatomy and Physiology 12th for class still. Is this good enough to study with. i also use some apps for my iPad as well. I also have been looking at quizlet. Also, are questions really that generic?

Reading Comprehension: I keep studying for this since reading comprehension isnt my best suite.

Math: I am great at math but are there a lot of conversions on the test? Like from american units to metric. Its been a while since I have done those and that seems to be the trickest since I dont use it much.

Vocab: Are the vocab on the the review book the only ones I should focus on? It seems easy enough for me.

Grammar: Are there any tricky questions because I know basic verbs, nouns, sentence structure and such?

I am hoping to get a 94% or higher. Are there any other tips you guys recommend that have not been really mentioned and any other study materials that I should use.

Also, does anyone have a recommended pace guide when I start the test?


Yes the whole test is generic - so know the study guide - if it is mentioned in the study guide it can be asked .... know conversions and fractions without writing them down...there is no scratch paper. Take practice tests - and time them like you are taking the HESI. You have a computer calculator but that is all - so take your tests with no scratch paper and a basic calculator - one that doesn't save one that is just very very very basic. Get your mind passed being nervous about going over the time limit and that is half the battle. Don't be tired when you go into the test - sleep well the two nights before - easier said than done I know but you're mind needs to be well rested. It is all very general knowledge - I took it and got an 80% on the A&P section and I was only half way through A&P1 read the WHOLE questions don't answer too quick - don't rush - breath and take a break if you need to stretch your legs or you get tired....go get your blood flowing again.... it's a long test. I budgeted to take it twice - this eased my mind knowing I was planning to come take it again anyway - I could relax and think of it as a "practice" test - not that it didn't matter but it didn't hold as much weight as if it was my second try. Good Luck!

oh as far as a pace guide - start with your weakest areas - and go to your best - as your mind will be at its best at the beginning and you will get more tired as the time goes by.

Thanks that helps a lot