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  1. Ok, so here it goes. Being that I never took a standardized test before, I feel a little disappointed with the layout/format and overall structure of the test. I did study, but not the right material. A lot of A&P 2 was on there, and I haven't taken that, I just started the class. There were questions about arteries, and blood vessels. Anyway, I scored 88% in that.

    The math was to me not only ratio's and conversions, but there was d=rt questions (distance = rate x time). I was stuck on those, where I had to guess, as I didn't prepare. Some were very time consuming. So if you know your miles/hr, and distance, you should get through a little quicker.

    I don't think the Hesi Assessment book was at all a big help at all. The math is more complex. For example,

    "Mike drove to the office and back. The trip there took three hours and the trip back took four hours. He averaged 10 mph faster on the trip there than on the return trip. What was Mike's average speed on the outbound trip?"

    Some of these questions had a lot more detail and were more complex which I felt the book did not cover. They asked you to fill in the answer.

    I would suggest reading word problem with distance (km, mi,) and speed.

    There were vocab words that I have never heard of (about 5 of them).

    I do want to say that I believe that 70% of the Hesi really didn't have anything to do with nursing, caring for a patient or having to do with the health professions. It is as though they pulled the questions from a random pool - nursing, broker, or business..

    Anyway, I am a little discouraged with the format as I didn't feel too prepared. While the 88% is not bad, I still wanted to get a higher score. Hope this helps anyone.
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  3. by   nursing96student
    I'm taking the HESI next week and reading your post really helps to focus down on the studying. Did you have to take the chemistry part? And if you did, how was that?
  4. by   fibroblast
    I didn't have to take the chemistry section, only the A&P section. One thing is you can't see the next question. You can't pick and choose which question you are going to do.
  5. by   Mcox83
    I agree with you.. I took the exam yesterday and felt that the math was complicating and very time consuming. I spent over an hour on it since there were 55 questions! Half the math was of ratios..the one thing I did not go over! I have to take the math section again the vocab was a bit difficult as well.. the book gives you certain words to know, but there were so many words that weren't even in the book that they asked on the test. As far as A&P and bio, its all general stuff to know, but still certain things that were not covered in the book. You scored 88%..thats great! Isn't that passing?
  6. by   fibroblast
    Yes, it's passing, but not sure it's enough to get in to the program I am trying to get in to. Since I did so well in A&P 1, I thought I would have gotten in the 90's. I was wrong! Certain things I didn't know - my fault. But yeah, the math was a lot of ratios. I had no idea they would put the d=rt problems on there, or I would have studied the physics section of the book. I simply skipped over those. You'll do better on the next math portion! I commend anyone that has taken the Hesi, whatever their score was, they got through a difficult and harrowing process.
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