1. Hello, I want to know what is the difference in TEAS vs. HESI

    There are two schools that I plan on applying to and one is asking for TEAS exam and the other is asking for HESI exam. However, I started studying for the HESI not the TEAS. My question is, should I keep studying using the HESI help book and that will suffice for both the HESI and the TEAS? Or should I buy another study guide to study for the TEAS separately?

    Also I bought my HESI book from Barnes and Noble, this edition (HESI A2 Study Guide: HESI Exam Prep and Practice Test Questions by HESI A2 Study Guide Team), and I also use the free practice test from this website Union Test Prep.

    Please, Help Me.
  2. Poll: Can you use one study guide for both TEAS & HESI Exam?

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    • No. Two different exams , need two different books

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