Taking the HESI exam for the first time in 10 days.

  1. Appreciate everyone's responses in helping me prepare for hesi exam. I have studied for a month and feel sorta prepared for the exam. For my final 10 days, I want to find out how to study for the vocabulary section, and the critical thinking section. How do I study for these sections? I am applying to UT Health Science Center in Houston as well as Texas A&M. I would like to know from recent hesi takers how the test is designed and what new materials are presented on there. Thank you
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  3. by   ixchel
    Can't help you on the critical thinking, but for the vocabulary I can say this much: Don't expect the definitions for each word to be the same part of speech as the original word. I'm a total grammar queen, and that messed me up. I was more than halfway through when I realized I was approaching the questions completely wrong and you can't go back once you've answered. The one section I thought I'd do the best on, I did the worst!
  4. by   jayn108
    Thank you so much. I'm just in panic mode right now because I don't know what to expect. What did you mean by part of speech?
  5. by   ixchel
    Well, let's say they ask you this:

    Choose the best meaning for the highlighted word:

    The cells had to *proliferate* in response to the infection.

    A. Reaction
    B. Begin
    C. Propagation
    D. Spread

    In my brain, I'd have compartmentalized this question to rule out anything that wasn't a verb. Propagation is actually the synonym to proliferation, though, and in this question, the right answer.
  6. by   jayn108
    I would of chosen spread. O man, I need to study hard.