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...for the A&P and biology section, should i really go in-depth with studying for each system/section or just basic info??? Beckie... Read More

  1. by   mbaggett
    how did yall end up doing? I take the exam tmmrw.
    I am mostly worried about the A and P and the Vocab. Can anyone tell me what, in detail, I should study?
  2. by   ArtofGrace

    My sister in law and I both scored at the top of the class- we start Nursing school in June and cannot wait!

    My suggestion is to study the A&P as much as possible! This is the major portion of the Hesi where people do the worst. I took A&P already and still forgot a good portion of the material. So review, study, memorize all the A&P you can get your hands on.

    Best of luck to you!! : )
  3. by   nique281

    I would have to agree with Art of Grace, study, study study the A&P potion as much as possible. I would not be too concerned with the math or reading portion (unless you are just extremely terrible in these subjects) the vocab sections did not contain a lot of medical terminology (that I could remember) just some not so basic terms. Don't worry, relax and study. The hesi exam was not as bad as I thought it would be. Good luck to you!
  4. by   NAM123
    Quote from AshleyDiane6
    You def need to study A&P in depth. Here is a website that helped me
    Ashley...where do u go on this website ...i dont see the study guide
  5. by   szgg07
    Nique281, the math, grammar, and reading are pretty easy. The a&p you have to know a little about everything. I finally passed on version 2.
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  6. by   Tip3
    What kind of words was on the vocab. section? Was it all medical terms?
  7. by   growinguphouston
    Vocab was not mostly medical, just everyday words. There is really no way to study for it, since it is random and there are millions of English words. However, the Elsevier Vocab Section does have 50% of the words on the actual HESI Exam.
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  8. by   Tip3
    Thanks, chick!
  9. by   lifeflightnurse
    I went to ReadyForTheHesi Dot Com and they told me they are coming up with a math study guide soon! yaaaaaaaaaaaay!
  10. by   ToriLPN2RN
    I took the Hesi A2 this past Thursday morning. The math was very basic: addition, subtraction, might have had 2 questions of each, Fractions and conversions where the majority of it. Like how many oz are in 2/5 gallons of milk or how many liters are in 6,250 ML. There were also a handful of ratios. If I am not mistaken there are only 25 math problems. The vocabulary is not medical related they are everyday terms. Basic Grammar and reading comprehension ( the essays were short and informative). I found on the a&p I had questions like what Hormone does the posterior pituatray gland secrete and the anwser is oxytocin. it asks whats the master gland.. Pit gland there were questions about what the hypothalamus regulated. I would look at each gland and make note of the hormones the secrete and what body functions they affect. Bio had mostly Cell questions, like Phospholipids one questions was on gamate reproduction thur meiosis. its pretty basic information. Chemistry was fairly basic also. I didn't have to do any mole conversions it was basically like why does gas disolve a styrofoam cup and things of that nature. My school requires a 70% to get in I earned a 89.71 and asked if I should take it over to help my chances of admissions. The nursing advior said that was a hgih score for our school where the average is a 76%. We all stress out about any tests that can come in way of our dreams, however this was very basic information That I was provided in High school umm 12 years ago ( telling my age :0) ) if you feel comfortable in ur basic skills I would say you have no problem of passing this exam. Best wishes!!! and if your reading this you will know where my lowest score was...Grammar ha! so sad but true :0)