Scored a 90% on the HESI ... should I retake it?

  1. I took the HESI A2 (all sections) and I scored a 90% overall. My lowest score was an 80% and my highest score was a 98% with most of my scores falling around 90% in each section. The minimum required score to get into the program I am applying to is a 78%.

    I'm a perfectionist and I would like to retake the HESI and try to get a score in the mid to high 90's, however I was wondering if it would be worth it? Also, what if I score lower on the second exam? Do they automatically count the higher score or do they use the most recent HESI exam scores?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  3. by   Nurse070
    How were the sciences for you? Which section was the hardest for you? I take it tomorrow and I'm really nervous lol. If I were you and had the option to take it again, I would as long as it wouldn't count against me. Sometimes you have to check with the school about what the rules are about retaking (but 90 is pretty good)
  4. by   DesertSky
    Thanks for your response. My sciences were okay. I got a 92 in chemistry, an 82 in biology, and an 80 in A&P. I felt like the biology and A&P sections were kind of random and not what I studied in the HESI study guide, but I guess there is so much material they can choose to test you on that it's kind of hard to feel prepared for everything! I got a 98 on the math section and reading comprehesion, so I was happy with those scores.

    Do you know if they count your highest HESI score or if they count only the most recent test? I guess I am on the fence because I would like to take it again, but I don't want to be penalized if I do worse on the second HESI and they only count the most recent....

    Good luck on your test! I'm sure you will do great!
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  5. by   Lucidity
    you have to call your school and ask which score they will consider. my school counted the most recent, not the highest. i got an 88 my first time and a 98 my second, so i definitely think its worth the retake, especially because now you know what the test is like. be sure to check out your remediation, it will help.
  6. by   Dalester1979
    I also scored a 90% on the HESI and what I found on a nursing site, sorry can't remember where, is that 90-100 gives you 5 extra points towards the nursing program entry total. I'm trying to find confirmation to this right now. I too am a perfectionist and want to know whether I should try to score higher. I had only 4 days to study prior to taking the exam.