Questions about HESI exam?

  1. Hello I will be done with my prerequisites in December and I want to start preparing for the HESI exam. I have a few questions.

    1.Where can I register to take the HESI exam and find the test dates for this year?
    2. What is the best HESI book?
    I am stuck between these two books..


    or another other suggestions.

    3. In which order should I take the exam? Math or grammar, vocab..and so on first..(that's what I mean)

    Thank you!
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  3. by   SaraMC
    There should be a health science division at your local community college or nearby community college. At mine, the nursing application packet has the test dates for the hesi on the back. Or you can just go into the business office of your college and ask what the next few scheduled hesi exam dates are and they usually have a list and you can pick which date you want to take it on and pay for it there.

    I have the book you linked as well as the 3rd addition which has many more vocabulary words. I would say find the 3rd edition of evolve study guide because, even while there are 7 different versions of the test, I used the book you linked for my first time around with the hesi and I had literally 5 questions that pertained to the vocabulary portion in that book. The math(conversions) section was ok but I had to look up a lot of you tube videos and teach myself conversions. You can never be too prepared so my advice is get two or three books to study from. My nursing program doesn't include any sciences on the exam so make sure you study only for what you need to know.

    I took the math portion first because I was most nervous about it, but found that taking the reading portion last, I was tired and could have taken more time probably. I would, however, take what ever you feel least confident about first so you can just get it over with. Don't stress if you don't make what you hoped on the first try, you can take it once more before you enter the program and they go with your highest score. I'm taking mine for the second time around next Friday and i scored a 92% overall average the first time but im hoping to bring that up to 100%. yes, im overly optimistic, lol. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   Nurse2b7337
    Great score!!!