OB Hesi Help!!

  1. Hi!! I have my OB Hesi in a week, and am looking for any tips or helpful hints. I really want to do well. Do you have any tips on how to study or what to focus on?
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  3. by   Esme12
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  4. by   katyq82
    When in doubt, Massage the Fundus! LOL. Obviously only after the baby is out. If mom is bleeding too much, that is usually what they are looking for in terms of the first nursing intervention.

    When the baby is still cooking, always think oxygenation and perfusion. What interventions will promote those?

    Know your role adjustment stuff- transition to parenthood, family bonding, etc.

    Know the different prenatal tests and when they are indicated, risks of each, etc.

    Rhogam, Vit K, erythromycin, APGAR, the basics of the neonatal resuscitation algorithm

    Nursing role in birth emergencies- shoulder dystocia for example

    Do you have access to HESI practice tests? I find those really helpful.

    Good luck!
  5. by   rnmm18
    I just took my OB HESI and ended up making 1035.

    I studied by reading the pediatric and maternal child portion of the HESI NCLEX-RN examination edition 5 book.(I felt like it did a really good job summarizes everything I learned over the semester) I also did the case studies and evolve HESI practice quiz for both pediatrics and OB/maternity. My school's HESI was pediatrics and OB combined.

    There was a lot covered from both areas but here are a couple things that stood out to me.

    For the pediatrics portion I would make sure to know the milestones for specific age groups and childhood diseases/illnesses and how to treat.

    For the OB portion, I would make sure to know about full bladder post op, boggy fundus vs firm fundus, amniocentesis, abruptio placentae, and certain medications used and why.

    Also when to notify the prescriber and to remember airway is always important (ABC'S)

    Again this is not all that was on there, so make sure to review all areas but this is just a couple things that stood out to me!

    Just take a deep breathe, you've made it this far and you got it!
  6. by   mcnabors
    Thank you for the tips!! Everything you said was on the exam. I ended up getting a 1109, so thank you for your help!! Really thrilled