Missed Critical Thinking on HESI

  1. Hi,

    I took the HESI and received a 93 however I misunderstood and thought the critical thinking was in the reading comprehension section. Is the critical thinking part the personality test and learning style? I didn't have a module saying critical thinking. If so, do I have to retake the whole test?

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  3. by   203bravo
    You can call Elsevier to confirm this... but this question is going to be very program specific..... Not all programs require a student to complete every section of the exam and most (especially if testing on their campus) will likely have set it to where the sections that they do not require don't even show up on the exam...

    Now when you register for the exam for the re-test (even though critical thinking is the only section you need) you will be presented with the whole exam... that being said some programs will allow candidates to re-test only those sections what they have done poorly in (or missed), but most admission policies are that all sections required must be taken during 1 sitting -- meaning that the entire exam would have to be completed and the new scores for every section accepted (higher or lower).

    So the only real advice that anyone could offer is to call the program, explain the situation, and ask if you could be allowed to take the critical thinking section only -- but be prepared to pay whatever the sitting fee is for the entire exam.

    Best of luck.