Im stuck!! I need help!!

  1. The Hesi is a stuggle for me.. I made a 76

    In order to apply to nursing school i need a 85> on the Hesi to help my overall profile score which will put me at edge to accept me or not

    I dont know what to do..

    Retake classes to boost my Gpa up in the summer18'??

    Look into the Lpn program and take a placer test before may??

    Look into another school and move??

    Apply to another program?

    Because it's a certain amout of years before your classes expire and I've been in school since Fall 2013
    taking remedials and I took A/p Lecture 2 times

    Im just having a rough Nursing path

    I really want to become a Nurse, Its not something I just jumped into..

    I know theirs people out there in the same boat as me...

    This is a headache
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  3. by   Amberrae
    What sections are you struggling with?

    edit: I just saw your other post. You should listen to the person who told you to take the 2 classes.
  4. by   Kenny 2018
    How do you prepare for the test. Are you a good test taker? I would also look at these issues as well. If you are not a good test taker, then you will have difficulties taking the NCLEX. That's one of the factors that goes into taking the HESI, or TEAS it is designed to weed out people who may not pass the NCLEX.

    I do agree that you should probably retake the classes as there seems to be a knowledge gap.

    Create different study habits. Always remember you can do something, if you put your mind to it.

    Best of luck