How I passed my exit HESI

  1. Hey everyone!
    I am so excited. I passed my Exit hesi exam with a score of 1190 (99.7 conversion score). I was so shocked and happy.

    What I did was thousands of questions. We have a book that was given to us in the program where we had to do 2 sections every week. I did those questions on study mode first. The read the rationales for the questions I missed and bookmarked them. When I finished the questions, I redid the bookmarked questions. Then I did the same chapter in quiz mode.

    I also did this with another book- Saunders Comprehensive review for the NCLEX. I used this to get another viewpoint of questions. I loved this book and feel like it helped alot.

    I also downloaded a bunch of free apps on my iphone and did those questions when I was watching tv, feeding my baby, sitting in the car etc...

    We also had to do evolve Case studies which helped. I did the comprensive review the night before.

    I really think all this paid off and i learned a lot and got into the mode.

    I hope this helps!
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  3. by   <3nurseE>
    Thanks for much for the tips.. we don't take our exit exam until January, but this will help be to start studying now!!
  4. by   Mem2012
    Good luck! Just make your self do a few questions every day to keep in the habit and your mind thinking that way.
  5. by   AutumnLeavesRN
    Hey there, that sounds very encouraging. I took my Hesi exit on Nov. 2nd and failed with an 819. Our program requires the minimum score to be 900. I have been using my Saunders book and the evolve case studies which is only made available for students who fail. I wish they'd made these available for the entire class prior to Hesi exit. I am retaking it this friday (dec. 7) and I am hoping to come out just like you. I have been watching 'The Secret' on youtube and applying that concept to my life. I am praying that it works this time!
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  6. by   Mem2012
    Good luck tomorrow 3semstudent.

    Thats too bad they didnt offer those tools to you before. They are such great resources and I am sure your entire class could benefit from them.

    Try taking the comprehensive review tonight if you have time. It kind of solidifies everything you have been doing.
  7. by   Jalysewilliams
    I take my exit in March and the we have to have is 850 or composite score of 78%. Im just so nervous about this exam and how to study for it. I do have the green Saunders book which many say is the "bible" and I also have the red and white hesi study book. Im just not sure which one would help best.
  8. by   HouTxNurse832

    I passed my Hesi today on the first try with a 1000+. I definitely read the entire hesi study book TWICE (special focus on the hesi hints). I also used because there are TONS of questions there, and it's absolutely legit! The Saunders book I only used to CD from there to brush up on "knowledge" questions.
  9. by   Tommygirl911
    Im am reading the HESI book now and also am using I am putting all my focus on the HESI hints and review questions, is that going to hurt me? Take test Nov 15 just started to study for the HESI exit worried I wont have time for anything once my last semester starts end of Aug. I like using and read through every rational but was worried that wouldnt be enough. I also have assess to HURST reveiw but having a hard time listening to videos. Taking the test sinks in better for me learning wise. Any advise would be great I have to pass this test to grad and have 2 trys.
  10. by   RN Expert
    Dree,RN I will be praying for your success.
  11. by   pamski0069
    I take mine first week of May- I'm doing hesi hints, review questions at the end of the chapter and using since hesi study website is no longer available... Think I'll be ok I'm freaking out!!!!!!!!
  12. by   kjr1421
    Great tips, everyone! Thanks!
  13. by   Suns1113
    What was the name of the book given to you?
  14. by   Purelife5001
    I find this post to be a care great help to me. Thank you