How do you study for the Hesi entrance?

  1. Wondering what's the best way to study the subjects for the Hesi exam? What tactics are best to use and did anyone use a study schedule?
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  3. by   NurseRob93
    I've been studying every Wednesday for 2 hours. One category bet study session. My college only requires math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and anatomy &physiology. I use a combination of the hesi review book from the company and the pocketprep app. Pocketprep is the best I recommend it to every pre-nursing student.
  4. by   RN2b2018
    Thanks for your reply. So when you study in those two hours what's your study process? Memorizing? Practice tests? I'm having a problem figuring out my groove and why I think I'm procrastinating so much.
  5. by   NurseRob93
    I read the section in the hesi book. Then I do the sample questions for that section. After I take a practice test on the pocketprep app.
  6. by   skvuong
    I studied alittle less than a month. I did the PocketPrep everyday for sure. I would do atleast a 100 practice questions from it everyday (I used it only for Anatomy Grammar, and Vocabulary). I studied Anatomy first, memorizing the book, practice tests, and a helpful site that had a bunch of powerpoints. I went through them everyday for about an hour and a half everyday for 2 weeks. I believe I spent 2-3 days memorizing the formulas and how to do the math problems in the Hesi book. I spent 2 days memorizing the vocabulary in the HESI book and then I started looking up quizlets (also memorized the words in pocketprep too). Then I spent a few days memorizing and learning grammar. And then the remaining days, I took a bunch of practice tests for everything. I did not study for Reading.