1. Hello,

    I am retaking my HESI exam on March 07,2018 and I am getting FREAKING irritated. I passed the Math portion with a 92 which i was worried about, because most people i know talk sooo bad about Math. I studied A LOT for both Math and Vocab and I freaking FAILED VOCAB like who fails Vocab i made a 74!! I have worked as a CNA for 2 years I know medical terms. NOTHING that was in the study guide was on the exam and I am trying to find exactly what i need to study on for my next exam. And all the practice exams online have to same terms.. I need to know where and what i need to study.. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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  3. by   TipsyTurtle
    I used the pocket prep app for vocab, it's the purple one in the app store which is around $15. I also used quizlet to help me
  4. by   raquelrod
    thanks for your feedback I will look into it
  5. by   kelliolson2011
    Hi There.

    I used the HESI A2 as my study guide for all sections as well as the pocket prep. I thought the hesi book was more on topic then the pocket prep. I took the HESI twice once on 1/3/18 and the second was 2/13/18. I though the vocab was about the same as the first time around and like I said mt guide was mostly the HESI guide. Take your time and you will do fine.