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  1. Hello everyone! The school that I am applying for requires a minimum score of 75 on the Biology, Vocabulary, Reading, Math, and A&P Sections of the HESI A2. I took the exam in May and did very well on all sections except A&P, where I did not achieve the score that I needed. I was overconfident about the A&P section going in to take the HESI and did not properly review like I needed to for that section.

    I am scheduled to retake the HESI exam on Monday. I took A&P II over the summer so I have been reviewing my notes and using other resources to prepare for the A&P Section. I have been using the Pocket Prep App for a few months now and I am doing well on the A&P Practice Questions.

    For those who have passed the A&P section on the HESI and used the Pocket Prep App (The white and purple iPhone app)--how similar would you say the questions are in comparison to the actual HESI? From your experience, was the Pocket Prep questions any easier, more difficult, or about the same? Were the questions asked in the same format? Any information would be very helpful just so I know what to expect going in to take the exam!

    Thanks for your help!!
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  3. by   Tess73
    I recently took the HESI and got 100% on the A/P by using the pocket prep app. I would say that generally if you can do the pocket prep q's, then you should be fine on the real section. Some of the pocket prep q's were seemingly more in depth than the actual exam. I can tell you that the majority of the questions were not too specific- such as knowing the general joint types+ examples (elbow, shoulder etc), bones (I wouldn't worry about the specific bones in the wrist or anything). Also the General nervous system (brain parts, CNS, PNS, parasympathetic vs sympathetic effect on body). Outside of the app's material, i would also study bone ossification basics (crash course has a good video), body cavities+what is in them, muscle contraction basics, and also arteries (if you know the body region names then it is not difficult). Also, I would review the pigmentation of skin basics (I went back to my textbook for this). When I took the A/P section, the questions felt similarly formatted. They were not the same questions from the app, but they felt familiar in terms of how they were worded and answer choices. The A/P II questions were very simple (unlike some of the app q's) so I wouldn't worry about those if you did well in your class.

    Hope that helped a bit! Good luck on your test
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  4. by   pirategirl20
    I passed!
    Thanks for your help! There was a lot of information on the nervous system and bone basics on the test!
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    What else was on it?
  6. by   pirategirl20
    I would definitely say to review the basics of all of the body systems, especially nervous & cardiovascular systems. I remember specific questions regarding bone structure/functions, arteries (subclavian, carotid, etc.), spinal cord attachment, anaerobic respiration, & skin color contributing factors. I would study special senses as well such as vision, hearing, etc. In addition to the Pocket Prep app, I watched Crash Course A&P Videos (VERY helpful) and viewed powerpoints from the Biology Corner link below and took notes!

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    Good job!) My congratulation!