1. Hello. Need info on the Math Hesi portion. How many questions? Also, are the tests random, meaning a different set of questions for ALL?? I have been studying and currently am taking A and P 2. My school only requires Math and the three parts of the English. Thank you in advance. I am new here. Today is my first day.
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  3. by   jum00
    I think the questions are the same for everyone. For example, theres the version 1 and the version 2. All version 1s will have the same questions and all versions 2 will also. But they change up the questions every once in a while, so people who have taken it maybe 6 months ago will not have the same questions as you will.
  4. by   LoraOzRN
    Thank you for replying. I am nervous a little. I am changing degrees and wanting to get this off of my list of to do things. I appreciate the feedback. I heard a lot of fractions, decimals, etc..
  5. by   Fingers are crossed

    So I was really worried about this as well, because math is my worst enemy. But I ended up with a 98 in it! (Woo!) So I remember no difficult questions, you have your calculator so you're all good there. A lot of converting decimals to fractions and vice versa. A few questions about military time and conversions (metric and imperial)...honestly you're gonna be totally fine. They're all multiple choice so you can even plug in the answers and see if they match up. I'm not good with imperial measurements so I just wrote those all out before they escaped my brain. You're gonna kill it!!
  6. by   LoraOzRN
    I heard there are some fill in blank math questions and rounding is needed? I am scheduled for the 6th of March!!!
  7. by   Fingers are crossed
    Ahhh you're totally right- I remember there being some of those. But I checked and rechecked, and then made sure where they needed me to round. Some weren't too clear on whether to round to the hundredth or tenth on the multiple choice but the fill in the blank was explicit.
  8. by   LoraOzRN
    I have some more questions. I have the HESI EDITION 4 EXAM REVIEW from Elsevier. What other good prep material can anyone offer me? I need some free sites to practice HESI MATH. I took English portion already. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  9. by   Fingers are crossed
    So the book was great, I had that one and used it the most. The pocket prep was the only other thing I used.
  10. by   LoraOzRN
    did you pay for the pocket prep?? I am so nervous. I got accepted in as of my Friday email to proceed with the other steps!!!! I am delighted for this news, but nervous. Math!!! I am also taking A and P 2 right now.. Test for HESI MATH is in three weeks.