Hesi good score

  1. Hey everyone! I just took the HESI a2 yesterday and i got an overall 94%. My scores were:
    Math 100%
    Grammar 92%
    Reading 90%
    A&P 92%
    Vocab 96%

    It will be a week until admission letters go out, but im freaking out thinking my score might not be high enough. My gpa isnt wonderful but higher than i needed to apply.

    What were your hesi scores and gpa when you were accepted?
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  3. by   karmachameleon
    I was just accepted into my school's nursing program yesterday! I have a 4.0 with a 93 on the HESI.
  4. by   Lyssaaa1277
    That is awesome! Congratulations!
  5. by   MamaCatNeighbor
    Congrats on your score! I'm trying to aim that high too and my gpa is not the best.
    How did you study for your hesi exam?
  6. by   Lyssaaa1277
    Thank you! I mostly studied with the pocket prep app and the elsevier 4th edition study book. I used quizlet a tiny bit too. Honestly though, when i was taking the test i felt like i hadnt studied much of the material that was tested. Either way, im happy with my results, just nervous as my cumulative gpa is 2.93 and my pre req is 3.08 and the program i am applying for is highly competitive (80 to 100 apply per semester - 40 get in.. and no wait list) good luck on your hesi!
  7. by   skvuong
    Your stats are awesome! I wouldnt worry if I was you. However, if you are worried about your gpa, if you can, I would retake some classes
  8. by   Lyssaaa1277
    I just wanted to post saying that i was accepted to my schools nursing program with a 2.93 cumulative gpa , 3.08 pre req gpa and 94% on the hesi. Gpa doesn't mean everything! Study hard for the hesi!!
  9. by   Amool
    You scored amazingly on the HESI. Great job!!