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Hello fellow educators....I am dealing with a dilema which I have no control over as I am a staff member, not administration, but it is just eating away at my concious. My community college uses the... Read More

  1. by   dorimar
    You need to realize that every educator does not feel the same way. You also need to realize there are appropriate channels to take when you have issues with the system. This has been my struggle my whole nursing career (25 years of it)-- so buckle up. I have a lot of passion, but am learning to reign it in for progress. That is my advice to you right now. Channel your energies where they can make a difference. It is not always the attack mode that works.
  2. by   bookwormom
    I am new to using EVOLVE (HESI) but my understanding is that there are resources for students to prepare for the test. This information should be available from instructors. I would advise all students to use the study materials that come with the tests.

    I did learn one good thing from my experiences with students taking ATI, which has similarities to HESI: when students successfully completed a series of ATI tests, they were more comfortable (and successful) with the NCLEX. I think success on ATI gave students experience with NCLEX-type questions and lowered their anxiety.
  3. by   RN-BS1972
    Quote from rgroyer1RNBSN
    Im a teacher and -Hesi---sucks----------

    ameN SISTER!!
  4. by   hollyberryh20
    I was kicked out of my nursing program after finishing it with honors because of a hesi exit exam and a stupid three strike you out policy, 7 years of schooling down the tubes and no nursing diploma to sit for my RN boards..well I sat for my LPN boards because I earned enough clinical hours and passed the first time..I am proud to say I am a nurse hesi and the school I went to can go blank themselves..I would have passed the RN boards too, hesi can kiss my bloomin ass I'll be an RN someday but for now I am proud to say I am an LPN and I did it all on my own with my faith in God :redpinkhe
  5. by   lsw1956
    I also attended a school that has HESI. Even if you have 100% in class if you don't make a 900 on exit HESI you are out or have to repeat the whole course. Average HESI score in class was 880. How unfair for my fellow students that didn't get to finish RN school and were so worthy. I hope you do go back to school to become a RN you deserve it for yourself. Just check out schools, not all have the HESI in place. God Bless!
  6. by   hollyberryh20
    Oh I have every intention on moving on, I am a fighter, I think for now I am just gonna try and get some work and put school on the backburner for a little bit, maybe go back next year
  7. by   lsw1956
    Sounds like a great plan! Don't wait too long or you might talk yourself out of the idea. Good luck!
  8. by   new1nursebabyea
    For those of you who did not pass the HESI, don't get down in the dumps . I "flunked" 3x: from just shy of 80 to just shy of 94. You can not pass at Drexel unless you get an 87, now it is a 90. Before doing the ACE Drexel program, I attended excellent private colleges (undergrad and masters) and did very well, however I never had multiple choice tests. My grades in nursing were good but not stellar - realize that it is the most condensed program in the country.

    I hardly think that this test can predict your future success as a nurse. In fact it is a lesson in learning how to take the test. From someone who has had high-level professional careers before going into nursing, I scoff at the idea that a multiple-choice test can even begin to tap into one's intelligence. This type of test is a hoop to jump through for the state. Once you review the material and you learn the testing format, testing strategies are learnable and predictable.

    For us HESI "flunkies," we had an NCLEX review where the 1st day really covered testing strategies. The light bulbs started going off. Then over the next couple of weeks the principles kicked in with practice. This included how not to second guess yourself, how to answer what they are asking, and how not to read into the question.

    However, the best thing that I did was to just review the HESI book and fundamentals (not covered in HESI). In an organized fashion, I studied the HESI review book along with my notes/ppts over the year: endocrine, CV, pharm, etc... I was surprised at how much I remembered once I took the time to review. I then used 3 sources to do practice questions after each session. By this time, I stopped using the HESI website and DVD as I had memorized them by now. As well, the website was not user friendly compared to Saunders, Reviews, Mosbys... Do not purchase the Evolve case studies - big wast of time! Just study the HESI book.

    I only used testing strategy if I did not know the answer because I found that the sources would purposely use several strategies to "trip you up." I really practiced leadership, management and mental health questions because these questions were really wordy. A big part of the test is wading through the wording to understand what they are really asking you. Once you understand this, you will be fine. I also reviewed math q's on the DVD from calculate with confidence as those can be wordy as well.

    Once I focused on reviewing my weak areas, figured out my reading errors, and then used test-taking strategies, I finally passed - and you can too!!!!
  9. by   hollyberryh20
    Thank you for your tips, but I passed my LPN boards without the help of HESI, as a matter of fact I passed on my own study technique and it worked the first time, not after 3 strikes your out like my former schools policy with HESI, and Saunders was my life saver (thank you Linda Sylvestri).. and I would have passed my RN boards as well, I know several nurses who took both boards and said there was no difference between the LPN boards and the RN boards, which I firmly believe to be true, HESI is supposed to be used as an evaluation tool, NOT A PENALTY, so shame on the schools who use it for that purpose to protect themselves and not to graduate students who are suitably ready and able to be safe nurses...

    Signed: Holly, LPN and proud of it!! my RN will come on my own terms, not HESI or a stupid school politic that states if I can't pass HESI I am not worthy of being a nurse!!!!!!! I am a nurse!
  10. by   lsw1956
    What was your final HESI score? Do you think it helped prepare for NCLEX? I am not so sure.
  11. by   hollyberryh20
    Worse after 8 weeks of remediation it dropped to a 712 and no it didn't help me in the least for the boards, I passed my LPN boards the first time, saunders helped me for my boards, I deserve my RN diploma, I worked so hard for it and to have it withheld because of hesi is so wrong
  12. by   lsw1956
    I completely understand. My school required 900 on the final HESI to graduate. I made 891 on 1st, 858 on 2nd, and after fasting and praying at my church for 24 hours I made 1006 on final and 3rd HESI. God is so good! Boards were so easy in my opinion. Only had 75 questions and they were much easier than HESI. Good luck on your schooling. Don't quit, you can do it!
  13. by   hollyberryh20
    Thanks, I am not giving up, but for now with a new job I just want to get acclimated as a nurse and get used to my schedule with a husband and 2 kids, my brain needs a break from the books as well, but I will go back Good for you on your hesi final score, my test anxiety was far too high for me to be successful on a test where stakes were so high and I could care less if I ever step foot in a class room again, excelsior will be the way for me, online LPN to BSN then possible RN to masters, I learn better on my own and on my own time where I don't have time restrictions