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Hello fellow educators....I am dealing with a dilema which I have no control over as I am a staff member, not administration, but it is just eating away at my concious. My community college uses the... Read More

  1. by   mulan027
    We take our HESI through EVOLVE and I was wondering if our test can be re-scored if you find a mistake?
  2. by   Octobersky
    this last semester a group of students didn't make the cutoff score of 850 on the HESI, because of that the school changed our class grade from passing to failing even when the HESI wasn't part of our last class MedSurg 2. After three unsuccessful attempts the school told us to reapply to the program or some to repeat the last class. We met with our Board of Nursing. They said they were aware of the problem that 2% of schools in our state are causing and asked us to meet with our State Representatives and Senators from our district. We have and all were appalled by what this school has done to us. They will contact the school. Our group have also found that the state's Higher Education Board has outlawed schools to deny a student's degree based on a single high stakes exit exam. We have also found that students who took schools to court because of this have all won. What does that tell you. Another very important fact is that these schools are denying students their hard earned degrees because of funding. If they have students make the cutoff score in the HESI, then they think that'll guarantee them pass NCLEX on the first try, and if they do, well the school gets thousands of dollars for each one that does as well as good ratings for the school.
    We'll keep you posted. We are not giving up. Our director of nursing told us that once we were done kicking and screaming that we will go back crawling for mercy, well..... We are not done kicking and screaming. Spread the word about the State Reps and Senators, it seems it is working.

    Student Nurses B.O.N.D. ( Battle Over Nursing Degrees)
  3. by   zakary08
    thanks fo the information and good luck
  4. by   PNEUMANN
    can anyone tell me how many HESI tests are there and which one did you take and what was on that test. I failed version V-1
  5. by   amajiero
    i heard there are up to 7 versions..
    good luck
  6. by   ShannonRN2010
    My school just started the HESI...midway through the program and changed policy to say that if you don't pass with a 900 on the HESI, then you don't graduate. I think its fine if you want to start the policy with the student that are just starting the program, but to start it when a class is now 8 months from graduation is CRAZY and really not fair for us at all.
  7. by   Octobersky
    Shannon77, Your group has an advantage. Your program changed their policy midway. Our program has had Exit Exams, but in the past semesters students were still allowed their degrees. google Darrell Spurlock Jr. Ph.D RN. He has been fighting this issue for a long time and has also been used as expert witness in courtrooms for nursing students who took their school to court. Interesting note, no matter the nursing program's departmental policy, every student who has filed suit against their programs have ALL won. If you find yourself going through this hell of not making their arbitrary or benchmark score, then appeal through the school's chain of command. My group is the first group in our school to not give in. We are on our school's agenda to speak to the school's Board members. The program doesn't want us to make this a public matter, they wanted to just through us under the rug. Come this board meeting, we will have our media present along with several state reps and a senator in our corner.

    Student Nurses B.O.N.D. :wink2:
  8. by   cms383
    Hello All,
    I am in my last semester of nursing school...you would think I would be excited, right? Wrong!! We had orientation tonight and low and behold, the course curiculum re: Hesi was changed! Last semester, the seniors were given an instructor compiled final and had to get an 850 on their exit Hesi. This semester, for us seniors, we now have a Hesi final in which we have to get at least a 700 or we automatically fail, regardless if we recieved 100's on all unit exams. Our exit Hesi score was also raised to 900! When the instructors were asked why, their reply was, "It is a better predictor of how you will do on NCLEX." My problem with this is what should graduating with a degree in applied science have to with taking an NCLEX exam? I know we are all in nursing school to do just that, but I don't feel it is fair to dismiss someone from the program without a chance of at least graduating with some degree and moving on. It's like telling us that if we don't achieve their set score, we aren't good enough or worthy of sitting for state boards! I find it insulting! If anyone can recommend some good review material, I am all ears!
  9. by   suslastdnt
    I went to Northwest Louisiana Technical College in Minden, La. They are awesome!
  10. by   valmor1984
    Students, this thread on the faculty portion of allnurses is two years old. During that time, this thread has turned into a debate among students, with few or none of the students showing any ability to understand why schools are using this assessment tool.

    To help you understand, let me recap an earlier post:

    Here is the bottom line: <o></o>

    If a school's first-time NCLEX pass rate falls below a certain percent, the State Board of Nursing becomes involved and could actually close a school if the rates drop too far below a certain percentage. Using NCLEX predictor examinations as a requirement in the program (such as HESI or ATI) allows programs to identify students who are still at risk of failing NCLEX. These students put the put the school at risk of closing, if they are allowed to "take the chance" and then fail the NCLEX.

    "Fine!" you may respond. "If a school is not performing, it SHOULD be closed down." In many ways that is true, but think of this: if a school closes due to low pass rates, that is one less school that can serve students who want to be nurses.

    Raising admission standards, raising passing percentages in courses, and eliminating "participation points" (and other such grade-inflating credits in courses) would do lot toward keeping only those students in a program who were capable of academic success, and were able to pass NCLEX on the first attempt.

    Here is an interesting article on the subject: http://articles.directorym.com/Nursi...-a1022926.html

    * Grade inflation is a factor leading to a low NCLEX pass rate in some nursing education programs, particularly in programs that allow significant point credit in theory courses for attendance, participation, and completion of assignments.

    * Student characteristics identified by programs as leading to NCLEX failure include a high number of work hours, family commitments, English as a second language, and low admission points. Nursing education programs tend to take similar actions to address NCLEX pass rate concerns.

    Actions commonly taken by programs include:

    o Initiating the use of an NCLEX predictor examination as a requirement in the program

    o Requiring students to complete NCLEX review, tutoring, or other actions if the predictor examination score is low

    o Increasing the minimum passing grade

    o Providing faculty education in the areas of the NCLEX examination and test development skills

    o Changing or increasing admission requirements.

    If you would like to debate this topic further, may I suggest that you take this to the student forum?
  11. by   bookwormom
    As a nursing educator, I am not disturbed by students posting to this thread. It is illuminating to see student perceptions of the standardized tests we use, and I believe they raise some legitimate concerns. I think it is clear from their comments that schools are using the tests in different ways and with different passing standards. There are broader academic issues, also, in my opinion, about using such tests as a requirement for graduation.
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  12. by   efun
    hi all,
    is anyone from California jr. college? are they also require to take the HESI as an exit exam too? any info will be great? what material is used to study for it?
  13. by   ShannonRN2010
    [QUOTE=valmor1984;3887330][SIZE=3]Students, this thread on the faculty portion of allnurses is two years old. During that time, this thread has turned into a debate among students, with few or none of the students showing any ability to understand why schools are using this assessment tool.

    My problem is actually not with the fact that we have to have a HESI...I understand WHY its used, I am cool there.
    My problem is the unfairness with MY program in starting an Exit HESI for graduation, 3/4th the way through the program, with none of us having taken a HESI test before. We have our first HESI in December that is worth 10% of our final grade for the quarter. Then the next one will be our exit exam in the spring, that we get three tries, and if we don't pass it, we don't graduate. period. Do Not Pass Go, do not collect $200, your done.
    Now, tell me, if I have passed all my classes and passed clinicals, is it fair for a third party vendor to test me, fail me and then, basically, not be allowed my diploma that I am $15,000 in debt for? I can see the school not turning in paperwork to the BON, but to not allow me a diploma because of the HESI, is pretty much BS.

    Oh and I post it here, so you faculty can see how your decision effect your students...cause it feels that one is thinking about us, just their pass rate.