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Hello fellow educators....I am dealing with a dilema which I have no control over as I am a staff member, not administration, but it is just eating away at my concious. My community college uses the... Read More

  1. by   onehotmedic5
    The Hesi test shouldnt keep students from taking boards. I finally passed Thursday. We were told that if you didnt pass Hesi then we wouldnt be able to pass boards, but for the schools that dont have to take it to graduate they are all passing boards without a problem.
  2. by   oct3d
    that is so true I wish some one would let these schools who swear by Hesi know that and also remember what Hesi is really for and that is an evaluating tool
  3. by   onehotmedic5
    Exactly!!! I just finished the Paramedic to RN bridge and we had to pass to graduate and now this new class doesnt have to pass it. I counts as 50% of their grade now but we had to pass and the thing is we were not prepared for that test at all because none of our test were designed even close to Hesi.
  4. by   oct3d
    myself and my fellow classmates said the same thing but if this problem keeps up someone is going to acknowledge it and work towards changing tis as a requirement
  5. by   onehotmedic5
    My thing is how can it be possible that state board of nursing can allow such testing if all of the schools are not doing it and then making students repeat classes that they have already passed. Its all over the news about the shortage of nurses and they wonder why... No one wants this much drama with school especially if they have great grades but cant pass Hesi... I dont understand.
  6. by   oct3d
    When my classmates and I first had this problem we went to the Boards of nursing of that state and they said they had no control over what the school requirements are for finishing but they would look into it but no one did so we had to find another way to be heard and that is how we were allowed to get another chance to test, so shortage or not I would recommend that anyone looking to go to a nursing school to be very aware of both the entrance and exit requiements for the school they are intrested in.
  7. by   Brooke08
    I have a question?
    Does anyone who passed the Hesi with an 850 remember how many they missed or how many their classmates missed?
  8. by   lsw1956
    Our school requires a 900 to pass HESI. Half or the class did not acheive a 900. About 90% of the class did acheive a 850 or higher. I took boards about three weeks ago and I thought it was much easier than HESI. I had to take HESI exit three times. FIrst time I scored 891, second time 858 and finally on the third time I scored 1006. When I took boards questions turned off at 75. SO much easier! Thank the Lord it's over!!!
  9. by   PhillyBSN
    Has anyone tried Suzzanne's plan? You need 15 posts but I dont think i am no where near. We have a HESI scheduled in one month. Does anyone has tips? I have the Saunders Book and have been practicing the questions but I would hate to fail this exam. It seems this stress is common among other nursing students. Does anyone have any last minute (one month to prep) tips?
  10. by   lsw1956
    When I studied for HESI I did questions, questions, and more questions. Saunders is a good book. The Kaplan book is also good, it really helped me to know how to eliminate answers. Well worth the money spent.
  11. by   zakary08
    hi everyone
    i'm gonna take the hesi on the 26 of march for lpn program i just need advice and help with some study material plz
  12. by   PhillyBSN
    I practice about 100 questions every other day, should i do more?
  13. by   lsw1956
    Personally, I think you should do at least 100 per day. Make sure you do your practice test on all subjects since this is an exit exam. There will also be drug and dosage calculation questions on the exam. Remember on psych the nurse always asks an open ended question to allow client opportunuity to talk. Know Erickson and proper growth developement such as type of games, toys, etc for certain age groups. Good luck!!!