Hesi exit exam coming up!!!!!

  1. I am taking the HESI exit exam this friday and I am terrified. I have been using the Evolve remediation packets, Saunders review book, and Hesi NCLEX review book. I have also been doing many questions. I am scared of the drug calculations mostly. We have to get a 900 or higher in order to graduate. I was just wondering who else is taking it soon and how are you all feeling right now and what are you expecting? Hope to hear from you!
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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    How did it go? I am taking it tomorrow! We don't have a specific grade to get in order to graduate. It does count for points and I need all the points I can get at this point... as I am precariously close to the cut off with only the final left on Thursday.
  4. by   AutumnLeavesRN
    Taking HESI again tomorrow. First time I made an 819 and we need at least 900 to pass. I am going to make 1234 and above! Believe me, I know 'the secret' and will abide by that! Will check back in tomorrow.
  5. by   Anonymous2
    What's the secret? I have the hesi in a couple weeks. I am worried I won't make the minimum to graduate.
  6. by   AutumnLeavesRN
    Hey! The Secret is a documentary and its posted in full on.... Its based on the book. The author is also in the documentary so its the real deal. I can't really explain it but its a life philosophy. I told myself I was going to make 1234 on the hesi exit. Well I didn't. I made 934. That's so weird but its awesome. I was a wee-bit disappointed because there have been others to make in the thousands and I always thought if they can do it I could too. But I am happy because I earned that score. What is your program's minimum? Look, study your core content from Saunders comprehensive review like seriously. And do questions until you can't anymore. Do 150 in the morning and 150 in the evening or whatever you have time for and always always always look at rationales. Look at rationales! Understand why you got them wrong!!!!
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