Hesi entrance exam

  1. Hi, soon I will be taking the hesi entrance exam and I am sooo nervous. I have been studying with hesi study guide version 3 and i would like to know if this book helped anyone else? I know my exam consists of math,medical terminology, reading comprehension, and grammar. If anyone can give me some insight or advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Everline
    That's the only book I used to study. I particularly used it for the math section. If you learn how to do every type of problem in that book, you will be prepared for what is on the math section of the test. A day or two before the test, I looked over the grammar, vocabulary and reading comp sections in the book, but I would not call that "studying". I was confident about those sections. At the time I took the test, I was finishing A&P II and studying for my final in that class. So, I didn't do any extra studying. But from what I saw in the book, you would probably do well to use other sources to study A&P unless it is fresh in your mind.
  4. by   GG92
    Thank you for your help. I know I'm good on the math and vocab and I just finished A&P but I will look over it again.
  5. by   llamafuzz
    I used that study guide also. Some of the questions on the actual exam came out of that book word-for-word. One of the advantages that I had was that I recently finished A&P in school and that helped a lot. That is the only section that didn't seem to cover as much as what was asked on the exam.

    I didn't think that the exam and study guide were any different -- no surprises or feeling unprepared. So I'd say it helped a lot No need to be nervous.
  6. by   GG92
    Well I passed with a cumulative score of 88%