Hesi entrance exam HELP

  1. Anyone have any tips, websites, etc. for help to pass the Hesi entrance exam?
    I am taking it at West Coast University on Thursday. I'm super nervous. I bought the Hesi book but I think I need a little more help!
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  3. by   socasugab
    pretty much just practice practice practice make sure you know your maths formulas and your metric conversions for maths. For the English just take your team look for keys terms identify if you will be looking for a summary or and inference which seems to come allot. best of luck.
  4. by   RN inthe making
    What about the Vocab. section??? Are they every day words or is it mostly medical terms??
  5. by   auralae
    Leave yourself enough time to study & practice the basics. KNOW YOUR CONVERSIONS! Seriously. I memorized the basics of them & wrote them down as soon as we started on my scratch paper, so I could reference them later in the test. This really helped me.
  6. by   RN inthe making
    Hi if it isnt trouble can you please email me I have a couple more questions! Aeymeexo@yahoo.com
    I would really appreciate it
  7. by   socasugab
    before I answer is this the Hesi for a RN or LPN program?
  8. by   terrylance
    What book did you buy? I'm looking for a good one too. It looks like there are several out there.
  9. by   socasugab
    Hey RN in the making how did your entance test go?
  10. by   RN inthe making
    Honestly, I bought the Hesi book 2012 3rd edition, for the vocab section it literally wasn't any help. I suggest you research around the internet as well. The book just covers the basic stuff you would learn in 8th grade.
  11. by   RN inthe making
    I passed!!!!
  12. by   Idiosyncratic
    YAY! How exciting! I retake mine on the 6th!
  13. by   nursecory
    Did you take it at West Coast University in Anaheim? Was it hard? They say you have to get an 80%, that seems like an unrealisticly high pass grade, no? Is this the only thing you have to do to get in there? Oh and pay the $130,000!!!