HESI Entrance Exam 2018!!!

  1. Hey everyone! I just thought I would post my experience with the HESI test. I took it back in May and I used to look at this site every day leading up to it so I thought I'd share what ended up helping me. My school required only 4 sections, (math, reading, grammar, and vocab) and all 4 were surprisingly easy!!
    I can not stress enough to DOWNLOAD THIS APP: HESI A2 Mastery !! (Costs $20, but it covers all possible sections and has 99% of the vocab words in it!!!) That is the app that I used, but there are several that are just as good, so go with whichever you like but it is seriously worth it!! There are so many practice questions and you can just do them over and over whenever you're bored.

    My biggest concern was the grammar portion, which comprised mostly of a sample sentence and then selecting which part was grammatically incorrect. That wasn't too hard. There were also a lot of questions that required you to replace an underlined section of a sentence with a different phrase that made it grammatically correct. It wasn't bad!

    For the vocab section, practicing in the app was key. If you get an app and just go over and over the ones you don't know, you're golden! There were only a few on the actual exam that I didn't know, but if you use process of elimination you will be able to choose the correct one no problem.

    Math has never been my favorite, but I got a 100 in this section!!! Proportions, proportions, proportions!!! If you can set up a siimmpplleee proportion, you've got half the questions in the bag. Converting decimals/fractions and vice versa, a couple mean/median/mode, and maybe 1-2 simple mL to L questions. Before you hit submit, rework the question, (very tedious, but simple addition almost cost me 1-2 questions!!) you can do it!! The calculator has everything you'll need.

    Reading was nothing tricky, reading the questions first before trying to tackle the paragraph always helps me, but that's just a personal preference!

    Overall I ended up with a 94%, which I was very happy with! Good luck everyone!!
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  3. by   BeccaLove0
    I take mine in six weeks! Thank you for the advice!!
  4. by   Sushilovaaa24
    Hey @bailey1015, I'm taking my test in a few weeks. Do you remember anything for the grammar section about being able to identify the clause, predicate or phrase ? Thank you for your post as well !