Hesi Entrance Exam.. Failed AGAIN.

  1. So I took my HESI A2 Entrance exam again. And I failed again because of only one section. Human Anatomy & Physiology. I passed my Human Anatomy classes with A's but I cannot seem for the life of me to pass this section! On the other sections required (Math, vocab, grammar, reading) I can pass but I got a worse score than i did from the last time I retook it. I have the HESI A2 Study Guide from Trivium and the 4th edition of the official HESI book.
    Is there any sources that any of you used that would help with Human Anatomy? I feel like I have weaknesses in physiology..
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  3. by   FutureNurse052811
    readyforthehesi.org is a wonderful study guide for the anatomy and physiology part of the hesi...
  4. by   skvuong
    Anatomy & Physiology
    I re-read these powerpoints almost everyday till I memorized them. Got an 88 both times on my HESI (:
  5. by   abbeywilkison
    I love the pocket prep app. It costs around 14$ but from what I've heard its very similar to the actual test. I'm taking my Hesi tomorrow!
  6. by   Regina_Phalange
    I second the pocketprep app!! Helps with all the sections.
    Also brush up with your anatomy and physiology by watching the crashcourse videos on youtube. There's like 40 of them and they each concentrate on different systems, but gives you some general overview of everything while keeping it entertaining. Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology: Crash Course A&P #1 - YouTube
  7. by   shakayla1994
    is the grammar and vocab helpful for the website because that what i struggle with