Hesi Community Health Exam. Help!!!

  1. Hi all,

    Please help!!! I just took the Evolve Hesi Community Health exam & quiz and scored around 50% !!!!

    I have to take the HESI Community Health Exam in 5 weeks and score a 900 to continue in the program. The only advise my lovely BSN school said "its a test for which you really can't study." I'm an A/B student and scored in the 99% on the dosage calc exam but I'm fixin to fail this Community Health exam!

    I'm not even sure what topics this exam covers!!

    Any advise? What additional material could I buy to prepare for this exam?

    HESI Comprehensive Review for NCLEX book ? (it's table on content doesn't look like it has a section on "Community Health")
    Review and Rationals - Community Health?
    Sauders NCLEX?
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  3. by   minniebrown
    In my program, we learned about community health in conjunction with psych nursing. We didn't have a separate book or class, just the materials we received from our instructor on the subject. I do think there is a HESI study guide you can purchase and I'm sure there are books out there specifically on community health nursing. Check your school's library, local bookstore, or search on amazon for community health nursing. I'm sure you can study for this exam. I don't know why your instructors would say that you can't study for it. Good luck!