HESI Chemistry?

  1. *sorry if this has already been asked, I'm more of a lurker, not a poster*

    So my school of choice requires me to take the Chemistry portion as well. What did you do to prepare? Is there a study guide that was similar to what was on the exam? I have Evolve HESI 2nd ed. But the chemistry portion is useless. Seriously there are 9 practice questions. I can finagle my way through everything else on the test (I hope...) But Chemistry is the bane of my existence. What should I study? Where do I begin? Any good study guides?

    I got a B in Chemistry with lab at my school online, it was the worst 16 weeks of my life. How I passed is a mystery. I know what H2O and NaCl is.... (that's how much I learned, when I say I am lost in the sauce I mean it! )

    I have a while til I take the test but I WILL NOT let Chemistry take me down!!!
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