1. So i just took my HESI yesterday and passed with a 81.33%
    Not TOTALLY great but its passing! On my first try too, felt like a load off my shoulders. I may retake it if i don't get admitted this semester. I'm about to start studying to take the PAX and the TEAS too just in case I transfer I will have options open to me . (Army Wife,lol) I'm wondering what the other peoples scores were there was no class average or percentile score on the paper so that kinda sucks. I just hope my score is competitive enough plus I'm turning in my application really close to the deadline. On Feb. 25 and the deadline is March 1st. That's pushing it!!! I just had to make sure I was ready for the A&P section of this test (im in A&P now). AH I'm so nervous..well if I don't make it I guess I'll just have to try again for Spring ....

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