1. Hey guys! I just wanted to post something after taking the Hesi exam today. All of the topics pertaining to this test on all nurses.com helped me a tremendous amount! I scored a 88 today and I am very happy with my score. I used the Elsevier edition 4 to review. I tried to read from the book everyday for a month and highlighted areas that seemed to be important or that I did not know. I had to take reading, vocab, grammar, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and math. The test took me about 170 mins. You will have plenty of time, so do not rush! I had an 2 extra hours I could have used!!!

    I read a few of the passages from the book, but did not spend much time on this subject. The passages are very short on the exam and it only took me about 40 mins. Do not stress, I felt that the practice test were harder than the actual test.

    People had me nervous about this subject, but if you just learn the vocabulary words from the book and take a few practice tests online, you will do just fine. I got a 96 on this portion.

    Know the differences between lie and lay, effect and affect. Most of the questions asked me what word was incorrect from each sentence. This wasn't too hard, but definitely take some practice tests. I think the book provides you with plenty of info for the test.

    I stressed really hard for this subject, since it had been four years since I have taken bio. The elsevier book does a wonderful job at putting everything you need. Know the cell membrane, golgi apparatus, meiosis vs mitosis, haploid to diploid, lipids, carbs, rna and dna pairing.

    I did really well on this subject. Study how a proton is positive, electron negative, and neutron neutral. An ionic bond, covalent bond. Also know how protons and neutrons are inside the cell and electrons orbit outside. I swear 15 of them were about protons,neutrons, and electrons.
    Definitely take a few practice tests and go over everything. I made sure to do every problem a few times. Know ratios, fractions, and how to turn decimals into fractions. The test also had mostly improper fractions, which is something some people have to brush up on since we are used to calculators.

    Anatomy and Physiology:
    This portion was harder it seemed very random and very broad range of info, but know what a ball and socket joint is, a hinge point, anatomical positions. I used ready for the Hesi guides which was 32 dollars and it broke everything down so well. It is seriously so worth money, but do not buy the other subjects like I did. The elsevier can prepare you for everything else without the high costs!

    I hoped this help guys! Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions! I would love to help!
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  3. by   JennClues
    Hi! Did your A&P sections go over similar questions? Thanks!

    how does the body absorption nutrients? The stomach lining membrane name? When ossification happens? Broken bone distal to the humorous, serotonin effect a neurotransmitter ? Hypothalamus function? Internal structure concerning hearing? Why stomach doesn't digest food itself, tissue extra cellular matrix present in lacunae? Bone storage place?
  4. by   tayloralexus
    Yes to all of those points. I can give you a few examples from my test yesterday. What does the bone consist of. What produces earwax. What is bloods largest element. What effect does serotonin have on the brain? Where does digestion of food first occur? What produces bone calcium. Epiphysis vs diaphysis. Anterior position of hands. If a person hurt their ulnar bone, what did they hurt arm or leg? answer is arm. Hope this helps.
  5. by   JennClues
    Thank you for your feedback! Congrats on doing so well. I'm taking the HESI on Monday so I've been researching about how other people did on their exam. Your post helped me a lot!
  6. by   SherieBerri
    Thanks for posting!! I've been researching reviews on readyforthehesi study guides but couldn't find much. Did you feel it more helpful than the Elsevier book for A&P or was it too in depth and overwhelming?
  7. by   tayloralexus
    yes only for the anatomy and physiology though! Everything is so concise and breaks it up in such a easy to learn way. I got an 85 on that section. All of my questions were from that study guide. I do not think I would of passed that section without it.
  8. by   JennClues
    I'm taking the HESI tomorrow . I'm so nervous
  9. by   tayloralexus
    soooo how did you do?!?!
  10. by   michelin
    I took the HESI today. Your post was soooo helpful, thank you!!
  11. by   kbriscoe24
    Quote from michelin
    I took the HESI today. Your post was soooo helpful, thank you!!
    Hey Michelin! Can you go into depth on how the HESI was for you? Especially the A&P section
  12. by   michelin
    Quote from kbriscoe24
    Hey Michelin! Can you go into depth on how the HESI was for you? Especially the A&P section
    There was a locational question on an endocrine gland. Bone formation. Serotonin does what. Where does digestion begin. Planes of the body. Anatomical positioning. What was mentioned already in this post were mostly on my A&P section.

    I missed: Hyoid bone, popliteal artery, and skin color (beyond melanin). Needless to say, I did not study articulations or arterial names well at all.

    In hindsight, I would have gone back to review the arterial names/placements, muscle names, and skin color even more deeply. A & P 1.

    A & P - 96% - I studied the most for this.

    Math - 100% - fractions, proportions, simple algebra, some metric conversions, military time - no roman numerals.

    Grammer - 90%
    Mostly weeding out incorrect word usage, some grammatical identification, lie/lay, either/or, among vs. between.

    Reading - 92%
    Implications, drawing conclusions, understanding, meaning word-use.

    Vocab - 98%
    Mostly were n the HESI book with a few scattered others.

    Overall: 95.2%

    Study material:
    HESI A2 review book
    Cliff Notes A & P

    Pocket Prep App!

    Anatomy & Physiology

    HESI A2 Practice Test | Free HESI Exam Practice Questions

    Question 42 of the Anatomy and Physiology Practice Test for the HESI exam
  13. by   Olusubomi
    Wow , congratulations to tayloralexus and michelin!!!! Please, just a quick question. I have the HESI A2 review book 3rd edition, do I need to get the 4th edition or I should continue using my book? Thank you.
  14. by   tayloralexus
    I think it would be fine. Just google some quizlets on topics pertaining to the HESI.