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  1. Hey guys, I'm applying for CUNY Lehman's nursing program, Fall 2016, and I am really nervous. I have a 3.73 gpa, however I have recently have taken the HESI A2. I got an overall grade of 86, but I got a 68 on the anatomy section. My question is if Lehman looks at the overall grade or the grades of each section. Some people tell me it is the overall grade and others tell me it is the section. Please if anyone knows for sure it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!
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  3. by   itsme17
    I just took the HESI yesterday and made an overall grade of 93. I heard lehman needs a minimum of 75 on each section of the exam. I read this from previous posts about lehman on allnurses. I hope this helps.
  4. by   pachu
    i just took hesi and scored 72 on anatomy. iam applying to lehman college i really dont know if i'll be accepted. i passed math and english.
  5. by   Evesdrop

    They look at your score per section. I went into the office today to verify that. I took the Hesi exam yesterday and I got an overall grade of 88.67.
    Math 90
    Reading comprehension 92
    Anatomy 84
    Critical thinking 750

    I was told the cutoff for critical thinking was 800. I'm going to talk with the Chairperson later this week to verify this.
  6. by   rock126
    Can you inform me on how the critical thinking factors in our admission to the nursing program. I was told by peers that the nursing department does not look at the critical thinking section, but rather if we pass all other sections with a 75. I will take my exam next week and I didn't study much for CT. It doesn't seem fair that they would suddenly create a cutoff rate for critical thinking, when most people failed the first time last year. It doesn't seem fair that someone with a 4.0gpa n a 95 overall hesi score(not me) would be tossed aside because they had a 795 on the CT. But someone with a 3.6gpa and 800 on the CT would be considered over the other person. That would mean the critical thinking is valued over Gpa in Lehman, which is contrary to what I heard for the past 2 years now
  7. by   Evesdrop
    HI rock126,

    Those were my thoughts exactly! So far I have a 4.0 in the pre reqs. I'm taking Mirco and Organic Chem this semester. I went to the Nursing Office today to make sure my scores were okay to apply for the program. I was told that a score of 800 is needed to gain admission into the program. I spoke with the front desk person and the lab tech who administers the exam. They both told me that 850 was the benchmark score for the critical thinking but anything less than 800 was not acceptable. It does seem like the critical thinking section was not highly considered in the past but maybe they changed their requirements this year. So upsetting.
  8. by   Evesdrop
    Hey all,

    Are you guys applying for the accelerated or the generic? I"m applying with the hope of getting into the accelerated program.
  9. by   embrooklyn
    I just finished taking the Hesi exam. My overall score was 89%. Math 94%, Reading 92%, A&P 80% (so glad I passed this section), Critical Thinking 910. I hope to get accepted with these scores. My science GPA is a 3.85 and I'm taking Orgo now, which is my last pre-req.
  10. by   embrooklyn
    I choose the one year but if I don't get in then the two year.
  11. by   itsme17
    hi, Evesdrop, did you take the exam at Lehman or at another site? I thought Lehman wasn't administering the test this year. I am super nervous about getting into the program.
  12. by   Evesdrop
    Hi Sweetness92,

    Lehman was administrating the exam from late December to the end of February. In order to be eligible to take the exam with their department code, you had to pre register for the exam in early December. They did not give the exam onsite at the campus this year, but they allowed students to take it at a Prometric test site. Did you take the exam at another school?
  13. by   itsme17
    Hi Evesdrop,
    wow! Im so relieved. I took the exam two weeks ago at another site for Lehman. I thought the exam was administered onsite but so happy to hear i did the right thing. Thank you
  14. by   Curlybeauty
    Anyone knows if after you submit your application they start to review them or do they wait until the march 15th deadline to gather all applications? just wondering if it matters when you send in your application