Hesi a2 entrance exam!

  1. Hi guys! I'm pretty new to this site. I'm takings the HESI on Tuesday, November 6. I'm so nervous! I'm only required to take the math, reading comprehension, grammar & vocabulary. If anyone can give me ANY info regarding the test, the format of the questions would be extremely helpful! Especially for the math & grammar! I have the Admissions Assessment book but I feel like I'm not prepared. Sorry for the long post.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
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    First of all - try not to worry so much. The HESI is pretty easy IF you prepare for it, which it sounds like you've been doing. A lot of it is really basic... I expected the test to be harder than it was. For the sections you mentioned, the Admission Assessment book is really your best resource. Do the practice questions and tests in the book to give you an idea of what you need to work on more. These problems are the type that you will see on the test, so if you are proficient at these, you should do well on the actual test. For vocab, I'd also recommend these flashcard sets as an additional study guide: Hesi a2 flashcard sets and study tools

    When I took the HESI, the math section was mainly ratios and proportions, so make sure you know how to do these! Also, be sure you know how to do conversions. There were 30 questions total, and you should be able to use a calculator (mine was on the computer) and be given something to write on. I recommend that you take this section first because it takes the most time and you definitely don't want to feel rushed on the math section because you'd be more likely to make mistakes.

    Best of luck to you!
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  5. by   cocoacouture
    Im taking mine tomorrow! Im so nervous about the math and conversions. Hopefully someone could help us out!
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    So i made a 89 over all!!! on my hesi today!! Im so excited =] Good luck tomorrow
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    Congrats!! That's an awesome score. My test was postponed until the13th due to the hurricane. So I get an extra week to study! I'll keep you guys updated .. Thanks for the info