HESI A2 2/9/2018!!!!

  1. Hello Everyone!!!

    I wanted to share my experience taking the HESI A2 since I looked at many of these posts for guidance while I was studying. I had one month to study for this exam and after only scoring a 77 on the TEAS and got denied by my first choice nursing school I was a bit discouraged, but with a lot of hard work I PASSED the HESI! My scores were:
    A&P: 100
    GRAMMAR: 87
    VOCAB: 97
    MATH: 96

    These were the only subjects that I were required to take.

    A&P: I was completely shocked by this score. Since this was the most difficult subject for me I took it first and actually called the proctor over to ask if that was my score because I did not believe that I did so well. There were a fair amount of questions that I did not know the answers to and had flat out just guessed the answer. Make sure you know about bones and how they rebuild themselves, what hormones do what, and parts of the brain, and the functions of the body systems. I had mostly used Pocket Prep (bought the full version for $15) along with the Evolve study book. I had also purchased Ready for the HESI, but I seemed to not need it due to I felt that I already knew the majority if the info in that book. If it has been a while since you took science or need more in depth learning then I would recommend it for only the A&P section. I spent most of my time studying for this section but then again I felt like I was guessing on a lot of these questions.

    Grammar: This section was slightly tedious. Most of the question were in the form of Which answer is grammatically correct or Which answer is grammatically incorrect. Subject verb agreement and knowing the differences between like sounding words like lie and lay or its and it's was also a big part for this section. Practice practice practice!! Again pocket prep helped the most.

    Vocab: This was an easier section. Most of the questions asked to choose the correct word that finished the sentence or asked for synonyms of the word given in a sentence. I used quizlet (HESI A2 words Flashcards | Quizlet) to learn and to study and test myself on this section. Again, went through all of the pocket prep questions.

    Reading Comp: This was by far the most tedious section. The passages were a medium length and their were multiple questions being asked about each one. Most of the answers were out of the reading or asked about the author's main idea. It was easy, but annoying. I did not spend too much studying on this one.

    Math: Conversions, fractions, and basic math. This was not a difficult subject, but make sure you know your conversion factors (METRIC & ENGLISH). There is a calculator you can use on the computer but make sure you click the numbers slowly because it does lag and can give you a wrong answer. Besides memorizing the conversions I didn't study a lot for this subject.

    Overall, this test was a cake walk compared to the TEAS. I did have to study and brush up on some topics but the format of the test was easier. I did not run into a problem with time either. The clock counting down on the computer made no sense to me because it seemed like every time I looked at it I only had 3-4 minutes left but I never ran out of time so I don't know. Pocket Prep helped me the most and it is 100% worth the money. I took every single practice question and made note cards out of the ones I got wrong and from the explanations that they gave for answers of questions for things I were unfamiliar with. Don't over study either because your brain will be mush by the time you get to the exam. Good Luck to everyone and I hope this was helpful. Feel free to ask any questions.
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  3. by   aliciacapo1
    I am taking my test tomorrow and this made me feel so much better! Thanks for all of that information! Congrats on your score!
  4. by   ortega20
    Hello, Alicia
    How did you do on the Hesi? Any sources besides the Hesi book that you suggest? I'm schedule to take the exam next Friday, any suggestions or sources would be helpful. Thank you.
  5. by   aliciacapo1
    Hi! I did well! 92% overall! I actually used two books, each one had info that the other did not, although both I don't think are necessary! I used the Trivium HESI A2 and the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam book! The Trivium book would be fine alone in my opinion!

    I think the best advice I could give you is to do your research!! Posts like these on allnurses, and also videos on YouTube of other people who have taken the test and their advice! As far as reading, grammar, vocab, bio, and chem, the book will help! The things that you need to know will be right there, black and white, in that book (I recommend the Trivium for English sections, more info).

    For A&P, any book will tell you the basics of each body system, but the test has many physiological, application questions that I feel the book does not really prepare you for. Also, Khan Academy is my go to! I feel that just getting an idea of what was on it, just like this thread, is the most helpful! The questions were not all the same, but these will prepare you for what to expect! I would give you specific examples but my mind was a blur after I finished lol. I scored a 92% in A&P.

    Do not overthink! The reading comp was a breeze, the vocab section in the Trivium book has a huge list of vocab words that I was tested on, and the chem and bio are very similar to the book. The test is long and tedious, but not impossible. Just gotta study! You'll do great! Just don't second-guess yourself!

    Do not overthink this test!
    Good luck
  6. by   ortega20
    Thank you for your advice, I'll keep studying and looking up other other advices and resources.
  7. by   FutureCRNA1224
    Wow those are good scores! I'm applying for the Fall 2018 semester and I took my HESI on February 3rd and just wanted to share my scores as well and maybe get some feedback since I still have doubts

    A&P: 100
    Grammar: 98
    Math: 96
    Reading: 90

    These are all my school requires and the minimum needed to apply is a 75... Can someone calm me down? Lol
  8. by   Suns1113
    How did you study for A&P?
  9. by   alexysleigh
    I took the exam over the weekend and did not pass cause I had a hard time with the math word problems, partly because some of hem are fill in the blank. Can you give me pointers on how to tackle those word math problems? There was one about 240 acres that cost 188.00 an acre or something like that I can't remember. Any advise would help
  10. by   Sam939
    Some people are better test takers than others...I believe that one was percentage, if I remember correctly. I found this years Math to be a bit more challenging in comparison to when I took it the first time 88 vs 78. The first time around I used the Elsevier Hesi edition 3, and the Trivium Test Prep, 2016, felt better about testing. The second time around I didn't do much preparing for the Math section which I regret... This time it went more into depth with fractions, conversions, percentages, medicine calculations, and word problems. Some questions were filled with so much information, you had to ask yourself what were they asking for again?? I would use the books I listed and just go into depth with how to solve the problems. YouTube is also very helpful. Sometimes you have to give yourself a lot of practice so it becomes natural to identify what is being asked of you. Hope you do better next time!
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  11. by   nursecaroline92
    hey!!! I am literally in the same boat as you. is there any way we can chat privately?
    I am new to this website and have questions!!!
  12. by   Trekkie99
    I take my Hesi next week (May 2nd, 2018) and I'm super nervous about A&P. I just have no idea what to study, I have pocketprep and I've done all of the questions on there and I've taken pre-test. I just don't know what to focus on. I'm afraid that the test will be over things that I never looked over, or things so specific I don't remember. What was your A&P over? What are some things I should focus on?
  13. by   Braydensmommy725
    Thanks for this review!
    Took my HESI for the first time yesterday and I passed!! I was super nervous! Studied about 2 weeks before exam but didn't get serious until the week before! I used the Elsevier HESI book, Momatrix A2 Secrets book, and the HESI prep app called pocket prep. The books were good for everything but the sciences. By all means study the break downs in the books but use the pocket prep app as much as you can (buy the extended version). Science has always been my best subject and it was still my lowest scores.
    Overall my scores were:
    Reading 94%
    Grammar 95%
    Vocabulary 98%
    Biology 84%
    A&P. 72%
    Math. 94%

    Cumulative score 88.67%

    Your scores are awesome... wish my sciences were better but my score paired with my 3.89 GPA should get me into my program!! Good luck everyone!!