1. Hello everyone!

    I'm new to allnurses.com. I will register for the HESI beginning of September, I'm super nervous. I have a few questions to ask, Is the HESI difficult? I'm mostly worried about the A&P section? How were to questions in the A&P section? I'm currently studying from the HESI exam review book, but I read online that I would have to use my old A&P notes to study. My last question is how is the timing? were the questions doable in 3 hours?

    Thank you
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  3. by   karmachameleon
    I'm taking the hesi in a few hours. I am taking reading, math, grammar, and vocab. I will come back later and let you know what I experienced with the test. Though I'm not taking a&p, I've heard unfortunately the Evolve book isn't enough to study, so it is a good idea to use some other resource for that section like the pocket prep app and review your textbook from class, or a cliffnote's anatomy book.
  4. by   Amool
    Okay please let me know how it goes with you. Good Luck with it Yeah I will definitely look at cliff notes and also quizlet for more information.
  5. by   karmachameleon
    I got a 93! For math, it was mostly fractions and ratios. Some questions dealt with decimals. Reading comp was a little hard, especially since it is hard to study for this section. But you can do it! Grammar was pretty easy, make sure you read that section in the book and you should be good to go! For vocab, make sure you use quizlet. Almost every single word on the exam is something I saw on quizlet.
  6. by   Amool
    Wonderful job!!!! congrats. I'm taking A&P, reading comp, and math.
  7. by   karmachameleon
    If you can do all the practice problems for math in the Evolve book, you're sure to get an A in that section!
  8. by   VictoriousNurse
    For the AP it really is the basics. Know the hormones. Know the 3 bones of the ear. Know what organs are found in the different cavities. Know the functions of the parts of the ear eye? What are the the different lobes and what they do. Where is testosterone and estrogen made. Some say questions about ossification as well. But this is an overview of all they asked me on the exam. What is the function of hemaglobin and what carries oxygen to the body. What vessel carries vein from the lung back to heart. It's very basic. The Evolve book gives you a summary but it's basically everything you need to know. You just need to go in depth a little bit more while you use it to study. You'll do fine just learn the basics of AP and you'll do fine.
  9. by   Amool
    thank you very much your help is appreciated
  10. by   VictoriousNurse
    If you have any more questions let me know also somthing about aqueus humor where is it found and cerumen where is that found? I recently took mine last week. Know the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Know the major contour muscles and bones of the body. Know what pulse can betaken behind the knee, by the neck etc major arteries. I remembered some things.
  11. by   Amool
    Awesome Thank you!
  12. by   Amool
    Everyone who's studying for the anatomy and physiology section of the HESI check out the youtube videos called Human Biology Explained. They're simple and yet very informative short videos with drawings.
  13. by   vassenn
    Thank you. Great feedback. How long did you study?
  14. by   Amool
    No problem. I have been studying for a couple of weeks, a little bit everyday. As soon as I get done with the HESI I will post and let you guys know how I did and what to expect.