Chamberlain Nursing HESI A2

  1. I know there are many people who are curious about how the HESI A2 works at Chamberlain. I took mine today, and figured I would kind of tell you how my experience was.

    At Chamberlain, you have 5 hours to complete the entire test. Make sure you keep track of your time, because I spent 2 hours on math itself, and had NO IDEA where the time had gone. lol This made me have to rush through everything else. This school tests you on everything. The minimum score that you can get is a 75% average. This is easy to get if you study. I was extremely nervous about taking this test, I put it off for an entire year. lol
    Also, if you haven't taken science classes, don't worry about the scores you get on those. They won't count. It only counts if you have taken them within the past 6 years. You need to achieve a 60% average for the sciences.

    There were 11 tests total:
    Reading Comprehension, Vocab and General Knowledge, Grammar, Math, Chemistry, Biology, A&P, personality, learning style and critical thinking.

    The website said that there are 50 questions per test. Wrong. There were 55 on each of the 4 main tests (bolded). I wasn't told that there would be a critical thinking test, but there were 30 questions on that test. Chemistry, Bio, and A&P all had 35 questions instead of 25 like the information on their website said. This isn't a big deal, unless you take forever to test like I do. I like to take my time, and triple check all my answers prior to submitting.

    I got an A in chemistry when I took it at my school. However, many of the questions I got, I couldn't even answer because I had never seen it before. I scored my lowest in Chem with an 84.

    Math was extremely easy. I got a majority of ratios/proportions, adding and subtracting fractions, and simple measurement conversions. (simple ones like convert mL to L) I scored a 96. Funny thing is, I was most worried about Math. It is my worst subject, and I happened to score the highest in it. The calculator that is on the screen was a life saver.

    Reading Comprehension was easier than I thought it would be. I scored a 90. I read about 8 short passages, and answered 6-7 questions on each. The HESI A2 study guide gives you awesome tips for that.

    Grammar was another section I was worried about. I didn't grow up in America... and english is simply complicated with all its rules. Most of the question were asking you to replace a word that didn't belong in a sentence. Simple stuff. I scored an 88.

    Vocab was simple. I used numerous study guides and tests. I used the online practice HESI test, and went over about 300 words. I scored a 94 on this section. Maybe I got lucky, because there were only a couple words that I had not studied or seen.

    BIO- Science is my thing. However, the last Bio class that I took was in high school. (10 years ago) I scored a 88 on this, which I am okay with. I don't remember much from it. I studied off of the HESI A2 edition 3. I was rushing through this test because I had very little time left. I believe I could have scored higher.

    A&P was easy. I scored a 90. I was rushing through it, so I could have gotten a better score, but at this point... my advisor said it wasn't necessary.

    Critical Thinking gives you 30 questions about what you would do first in nursing situations. My advice is to read each option, and pick the one that seems like it is the most urgent when it comes to prioritizing patient care.

    Personality and learning are super easy. 29 questions between the two. Took me 5 minutes to answer both of those sections. Be honest, because this will give them an idea about how you learn.

    I really think I freaked out over this test more than I should have. I only studied for about a week before taking it. I highly suggest you read the hess tips in the English sections, and practice your basic math... (the stuff that I NEVER use) haha

    Hopefully, this helps some of you guys out. I applied for Spring 2016. Can't wait to start!!!!
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  3. by   Nurseonality_03
    This was very helpful, thank you!!! I'm assuming you got in??
  4. by   DiamondMonique
    I will be taking mine January 11th so I can enter into the May program I just pray that I pass and everything goes okay with everything else!!
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    How was the test ? You took it ?