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HESI A2 Passed


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So, after much procrastination, I took my HESI this week. I made sure, I got a good nights sleep and arrived at the test site about 15 min early. I only had to take Math, Reading Comp, Vocabulary and General knowledge, and Grammar. My test site had this already set up so I didn't have to try and remember which sections to take. I decided to lead off with Reading Comp as it takes a few min to read thru the paragraphs and I didn't want to rush later. 55 questions. I would say the reading level was about 6-7th grade. I got a 90%. Lots of questions about inferences and implied meaning. Next I went to Grammar, always my strong suit. 55 questions, 96%. Lots of "Which sentence is incorrect" type questions. Make sure you really look at question. It is not always misuse of punctuation that make it incorrect. Next I did Vocab also a strong suit, 55 questions 92% Then with 2.5 hrs left to go, I tackled my nemisis: Math. Also 55 questions. 74%. I needed 70% on this section so I felt ok with it but wish I had spent more time on fractions. Lots of metric conversions but none that were really difficult. So now, onward to writing my essay!


I'm scheduled to take my A2 tomorrow morning @ 7:30!

I have to take reading comp, grammar, vocab, math and A&P! need 75% or higher on everything to pass!

I would have to say vocab is my most difficult section.

What did you use to study? I've been using the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review, 3rd edition by Elsevier. Hoping that knowing all the vocab listed there and on the practice test will be some what sufficient enough for me to get a score higher than 75!

What did you use to study?

Congrats! You did great! I take mine in 2 weeks...have to take every section but Physics:( Hopefully I will have good news to share as well.

marysuehil, ADN

Has 3 years experience.

I used The Compleet Idiot's Guide to Nursing Entrance Exams and Nursing School Entrance Exams by Learning Express.