HESI A2 - My experience

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I just took my HESI A2 today. I was supposed to take it last week but because of technical issues, it got postponed to today.

I got an overall score of 92%.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on the exam and how I prepared for it as the posts of other peoples experience before me has helped me. I studied for about 3 days total prior to taking the exam.

I had to take Reading Comp., Grammar, Vocab, Math and A&P. I purchased two books to prepare for this exam: HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review 3rd Ed. & McGraw-Hill's Evolve Reach HESI A2 practice tests.

To be honest with you, all you need to study from is the HESI admission Assessment Exam Review 3rd Ed. book. The practice test book was I guess good practice but not necessary at all. A lot of the vocabulary on the exam is straight from the exam review book. Not all but going through their list and memorizing the ones I was unfamiliar with definitely helped.

The same book explains everything you need to know about grammar. Like other posters have said, majority of the questions are "which is grammatically incorrect?" or "which one is grammatically correct?" and some spelling.

Math is... well, basic math, plus they give you a calculator so its basically there to just boost your overall average.

I thought some of the reading comp questions were a bit tricky. but I did fine even by guessing.

A&P section is pretty much very basic A&P level one knowledge. There is a summary of each systems etc in the exam review book which is great to go over.

Overall, I thought the exam was much easier than I expected. I was done in 2.5 hours and this was with me double checking my answers etc. They give you your results right then and there when you finish each section. They also email you saying that they have your exam results on their HESI site.

My only advice would be to get a good nights sleep!!!! I only got 3 hours of sleep because of my sick child. Even the instructor said "you look really tired!!". lol. Just review all the basics, the HESI admissions Assessment Exam Review book alone is more than enough to study from and don't get nervous about it.

Good luck everybody! :) I hope my review helped... (even if it was just a little bit!)

Congrats! You should be proud of yourself, that's a great score.

Thanks for sharing! Congrats on your score!