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HESI A2 math section, calculator


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I'm studying to take the HESI A2 in two weeks. Quick question about the calculator availability during the math section. I remember reading there is an on screen calculator but I'm curious about the details. Is it available for the entire section or just specific questions? I'm assuming just basic + - / * functions as well.

Do you get scrap paper and a pencil? I can solve everything given time, paper, and pencil but a calculator would make everything quick and easy. Too easy for most of the practice questions I'm doing with the pocket prep app, which is why I'm doubting having access to a calculator for the entire section.

Biggest thing I think I need to "study" for the math section are measurements: cups, ounces, pints, etc.


I took my HESI a2 test today. The calculator was very basic, like one your computer or phone has. The testing center that I went to gave us "scratch paper" but it was a laminated piece of graphing paper and gave us a dry erase marker. I noticed that you live in VA too, I went to the testing center in Falls Church VA on S. Broad St in case you're going to the same one. Also, I only had one question involving cups, pints, gallons, etc conversions. One question about military time conversion. One questions about roman numeral conversion. The majority of my conversion questions had to do with millimeters to meters, kilometers to meters, centimeters to inches, etc. This site is helpful with that -->Metric Conversion Study Guide

Beside that, the math section was easy. I got a 92% and I'm terrible at math. I had mostly fraction questions (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing) and many ratio questions as well (ex: 5:10 : x:100). I think focusing on the A&P is probably most important as it was the hardest section in my opinion.

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Thanks. I'll be at the same testing center on the 17th.

Metric isn't a problem at all for me. I work in a lab plus metric is all factors of 10. English measurements are what's confusing. Fingers crossed I only get one or two of those. Military time is easy, after a quick refresher Roman numerals aren't too bad either. With a calculator everything else is simple.

I've been doing a lot of practice with the pocket prep app. A&P totally depends on what they ask, it's only 25 questions and I wish it was more. Most topics I'm good with but muscles and the movement associated with them is my weakness. My biggest fear is grammar. I can write fairly well but never learned some of the grammar terminology when I was in grade school. Biting me in the butt now. Plus being a poor speller, asking which is correct with multiple commonly misspelled words. All I can do is practice.