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Hi guys!!!! I am applying for the nursing program this year!

I just took the HESI A2 exam, and I made 86.67% on it. I could have made much better score if I studied more...

I am not sure if it's good enough to get in the nursing program...

My GPA is 4, so I hope it helps me to get accepted.

Do you guys think I still have a chance to get into the program???

I am super nervous now:(



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Hi Tapioka. I am planning on takin HeSi next month. What other sources besides the hesi book did you use. I have been doing google questions and quizlet. I feel I need more. What your recommendations are?

@tapioka, that is a very good score! And your GPA is perfect. Honestly, I wouldn't stress out too much abou tit. However, if you have the resources to take the exam again, then you can but nursing schools will be more impressed if you have higher scores on your actual science courses.

@bbencosme If you look up our Ready For The HESI facebook page, you can get free content like practice grammar questions:

She is _______ in asking for bigger salary. She has worked very hard.

a. reason

b. unreasonable

c. reasonably

d. unreasonably

Your money will be refunded if the goods are not to your ______.

a. satisfy

b. satisfactory

c. satisfaction

d. satisfactorily

The food in the restaurant was rather ____.

a. disappoint

b. disappointing

c. disappointed

d. disappointment

Vietnamese is the ______ language in Vietnam, just as English is the mother tongue of the British.

a. first

b. foreign

c. second

d. third

There is also an article on The Most-Tested Topics of the HESI A2 nursing entrance exam.

These topics are almost ALWAYS asked on the HESI Exam.

We recommend you look up each vocabulary word or concept and look up the chapter summary of each theory.

How Do You Know Which Subjects To Study For The HESI?

For example, if you see Body Planes, look up the body planes chapter of your anatomy textbook and memorize and understand those vocabulary terms like lumbar region and thoracic region. For planes, look up saggital and transverse, etc.

If you see acids and bases for Biology, go to your Bio and Chem textbooks, and look at the chapter summaries of these concepts. Knowing the general knowledge and truly understand it will allow you to answer the HESI exam questions.