HESI A2 Entrance Test


I am taking the HESI A2 entrance test in two days. I am really worried. I have a study guide and have looked over it somewhat; however the stuff seems pretty basic. Is the test very difficult? I am concerned that it will be much more difficult than the study guide.


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it depends what your school has in it, my school, our hesi entrance exam is based on 3 subjects. math, reading, and vocabulary, and we have to pass every subject with a 75 or better, if someone makes a 75 or below on one of the three, there has to be a re-take of all three parts of the exam. it's not that hard, from what i've heard. it's just basic math, know your convertions. . .etc. reading, well, read then answer questions, and vocabulary-it's pretty much knowing the meaning of a word in a sentence.

good luck-let me know how you did!

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I worried a lot about it to, but it wasn't as bad as I had imagined it would be. I thought it was very similar to the state testing my high school did. My school only tests over reading, math, and vocabulary, and you must pass with at least a 75, also. I got a review guide from the library, and it settled my nerves a lot to be able to see what the questions would be like.


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Study the guide you'll do ok, it really isn't that bad.

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I bought the study guide and got a 97. Also, search the threads about this, I know it has been discussed before at great length. Good luck!

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