Herzing University Orlando


I know there are a few discussions about Herzing on here, but I wanted to start one specifically about the Orlando campus. Has anyone gone there for their ASN? I am highly considering it, despite the hefty price tag (30K), because I will be able to start there the soonest, and it is an accelerated program, so it takes 14 months instead of 24. However, they are not accredited yet, although they are in the process and having their visit from the committee in February. If they do not get accredited, I will obviously not attend, but I can't imagine that they won't get it because they have a very high NCLEX pass rate and it is a great program. Anyone know anything about the school/program?


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hey there!

i had no idea they were not accredited through nlnac! i just made the final decision to go ahead and go for the may 2011 class. after reading this post, i'm debating whether i should wait until that status is approved.


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I know, it's a little frustrating. I would ask them what the deal is and see what they say- I'm sure it's not something they like to divulge to future students!

Just out of curiosity, when did you submit your application for the May 2011 class?