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I am doing some unofficial research for my curiousity about the use of black and blue cohash to get labor started. I am wishing to know from those who have seen it in use if it can be relatively safe or if it is something that is not recommended. Before last week, I had never heard of this herbal to start labor.


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I have seen it used to augment labor but not to start labor. usually its given by the dropperfull and held under the tongue for as long as a minuite Ive seen it help pick up the pace of spaced out contractions (usually stalled by time spent in a warm bath) so labor was pretty well underway anyway. all three of the midwives I work with use it, mostly in the birthcenter and sometimes in the hospital. it doesnt work 100% of the time and works just as well as nipple stimulation and it tastes awfull. wow i cant believe im the only one to reply to this post and its been up since september!

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this herbal remedy needs to be used only under medical supervision:

precautions/adverse reactions: hypertension, increased bleeding during menopause, headaches and rare stomach upset.

contraindications: do not use in pregnancy during 1st two trimesters. do not give to children may or may not be safe with use of estrogen, more research is needed.

nursing considerations:

bd15171_.gif black cohosh can potentate antihypertensive drugs thus increasing hypotension if both are used.

a recent report sites after the use of black and blue cohash together, a baby was born with asphyxia, leading to brain damage


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