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I'm not a nurse, but I hope it's alright to post here. :)

My husband and I have donated free use of a vBulletin forum to a hepatitis c support group. The board is for hepatitis c patients, medical professionals, and caregivers. We thought that this board would be of special interest to nurses, who are always on the frontlines of medical care. :)

BTW, there are also forums specifically for US Veterans. Many hepatitis c patients contracted the illness in the military, which accounts for the connection.

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I put it on favorites. My wife is a GI specialist and may be interested to puruse and chat. It basically her teaching specialty. She works in a practice with 14 GI specialist and she does the brunt to the HepC teaching.

Thanks for posting this site. A friend of mine since kindergarten who was a nurse contracted Hepatitis C in the hospital from a patient's blood and recently died. She went through a lot of discomfort for many years and couldn't work as an RN once she contracted it. She was a very special person.

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Hey, you're very welcome! And thank you for the warm reception. :) My husband and I feel really good about donating use of the board. And I enjoy donating my time as the tech support admin, as well. We hope that it helps a lot of people. :)

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